It could happen here

It is another Sunday. I rode my bicycle a lot. I went to ride when it was the early morning. It was nice to see the sunrise. People were walking and I met some familiar faces. They asked why I had not gone to the church. I had my reasons, I belong to no religion. The world news are far away somewhere else where my peace can not be disturbed. My little town here in eastern Finland is very peaceful and even quiet. I like to sit on the benches to see how people are driving their cars. It is so peaceful. I had a brief chat with a cashier of my local grocery store and he said it is nice that the war is not here. I could just imagine the devastation of our buildings as it is happening currently some distance away. It could happen here.


Do you notice anything about the war? seems close to Russia.

We have no war here where I am. But we need to be alert. Many food and energy prices have risen due to the war.

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what country you in again?
Britain might be at risk.
don’t know why. a friend said that on Facebook.

I am here in eastern Finland, not far from the Russian border.

hmm, okay. assuming part of NATO.

How nice is the place you live. Glad you did not get any war there.

We are not in the NATO yet. There has been a public debate about joining the NATO. The majority wants to join the NATO, but this may just be the war speaking. Let’s see what happens in the future. Finland just procured 62 F-35 fighter jets from the USA, Lockheed.

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Finland has not been in any wars in the past 77 years. I think that we intend to keep it in that way, but you never know what is in the mind of people on another side of the border. They do not like if Finland joins the NATO, but the majority of Finns wants to join the NATO. We never know what will happen and what Russia’s bear do in that circumstance. I want just peace.

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St. Petersburg is close to you?

Saint Petersburg is not very far. It is even closer to the border city where I studied.

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Do you think Russia would use nuclear on Europe?

I do not think that Russia would use nuclear weapons in Europe. They have stated that they would use only when the existence of Russia is threatened. I do not see that scenario.

Does finland has russian gas? in Europe they are closing the gas. Maybe better to make everything electric. I closed my central heating and only use electricity. Only use gas for takign a shower once in a while.

I do not know anybody who is using Russia’s gas here. Although we are close to Russia we are not dependent on Russia’s energy supplies. Many other EU states are more dependent. Russia continues its energy deliveries although there is the war. Many nations are dependent on Russia.

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