Wearing military clothing and sleeping with shoes on

Years ago before I took an antipsychotic I started wearing military clothing and boots and sleeping in those clothes with the boots on. I wanted to be ready for combat at any second, so I didn’t want to take my shoes off. I was paranoid.

I also was wearing a sword around the house for months, because I was afraid my father could threaten me with a knife, which he had done before.


I am happy u are good now…!!! Have u had ur dinner…!!! Profet…!!!


I am wearing a Soviet military fur hat when I ride my bicycle, I have another hat under it, it is warm, in this morning it was -20 celcius when I did ride my bicycle. I like these military clothing because these are usually quite warm and the clothing does not break easily. I have also Norway’s rain clothing and the clothing such as the British desert jacket. I wear these in summers.


Do u have summer season in finland… i have heard its cold 365 days…is it true mj…!!!

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Temperature varies here, in summer it can be as high as +30 celcius and in winter -30 celcius. We have different seasons. Now it has been unusually cold in this February, the Siberian weather came from Russia, it is as cold as in Novosibirisk, Siberia.


When Summer start there mj…we are going to have summer season soon…!!!

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Typically people change their winter tires to summer tires in the beginning of April, so spring starts in April and then comes summer. I think I posted many photos here on the forum in the summer of 2017.

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I have also black military combat boots. I have not been wearing these boots in this winter, I have other boots.

Cool, but I was wearing military clothing because I wanted to be a homicidal soldier warrior and was paranoid of having to go into combat.


Were you in the military @Prophet? I was in the US Navy.


No I have never been in the military. I was trying to act like a soldier though.

If I did what you did with knives and swords I’d probably be in prison. You seem like you’re doing alright now though.

Nah man. You would have to attack or threaten someone. Also someone has to call the police on you for that to happen. I did get in trouble with the law years ago for certain reasons. You have to do something pretty bad to go to prison.

Don’t be so serious. I know how easy it is to get in trouble with the police.

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Do you live in the US? America imprisons more people than anywhere in the world. It is crazy!

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Yeah I live in the US. If you look unstable to a cop with a weapon it isn’t pretty.

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Why did your father hold a knife to you?

Was it self defence in his view?

That sounds like it could be traumatic and emotionally difficult experience.

Hope you are in peace when you go to bed and no more parNoia.

Who did you want to fight?

For your country if needed?

Military clothes are usually high quality clothing that is comfortable durable and long lasting.

Have you got a social life or work life?

May peace be with you yo!

You too mjse .
Your father died recently and I am happy to read you are still taki g bike rides and seem to be coping.

I did nothing to deserve being threatened with the knife on at least two occasions by my father. He was totally out of line. All I was doing was just disagreeing with him when he was abusing me, and then he got a knife and was threatening me with it. It caused me to become quite paranoid about it and triggered some things later on, like the sword wearing.

No I don’t have a social or work life.

Yeah, I had a difficult relationship with my father, too.

Toward the end of my life, he became my generous friend, however.



I hope you will feel better and clear and peaceful.

That is sad that your father did that to you for having another opinion and belief than him.

I was suffocated with a pillow and grip to throat and tried to drown me in a bath and told I am not a member of the family.
Hit n other things too and etc

Not by my father but by some close …

Strange thing is I love :two_hearts: people that abused me and forgive them.

I was not obedient and am happy about that.

Maybe I would be a vegan prostitut if I obeyed them lol

My mum vegan n dad prostitution if his x was right …

I believe in standing my ground peacefuly and lovingly and determined.

Been scary sometimes to try doing so.

I hate when my mum is angry at me.
It upsets me but I disagree with her so I got to stand for that.

She is angry that I have a tattoo and want to modify and improve my looks and have piercings too.

I adore her but I want to be myself and be able to stand for that.

I was going to go natural vegan ferrel n stop Sha ing etc but I changed my mind.

Are you in contact with your father?

Does he repent ?

Does he ever do nice things for you?

Is your mum around and if so does she defend you?

Can you forgive him?

I hope you will find support on this forum .

Many years I isolated with no friends and avoiding family due to paranoia etc

Now things are better and I even have a friend or more but not often.

Things can get better.

Good wishes to you.


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Yes I live with my father now. There are no problems anymore really. He did threaten me to kill me with a metal torch last year though because I was making a cup of tea during the night and disturbed him. But other than that things are good.

He stopped threatening me with knives when I started buying and wearing knives and swords. I think he realized not to mess with me after that and how serious it was getting. I don’t have anything to do with weapons anymore. I don’t keep them in my room.