Untreated mental illness is rampant in Florida jails, while mental health funding is almost the lowest in the nation

Don’t live in Florida if you have any mental illness:

Inmates at the Orange County Jail too often find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of imprisonment – homeless and often suffering mental illness, they get arrested if they act out on the streets. Then, when they’re released, the cycle simply starts over.

And it isn’t helped by how tight Florida’s wallet is when it comes to spending for mental health needs.

A study by the Florida Policy Institute states that in 2014, the last time the data was collected, only $36.05 per person was spent on mental health needs in Florida, putting us dead last in the entire country. That’s even less than the 2012 per-person spending, which was $37.28.

By contrast, Maine spent the most in the nation – $362.75 per person was spent on mental health in 2014, up from $338 in 2012.

The United States average for mental health spending in 2014 was $125.90 per person, the study says, which is more than three times what Florida spent.

Another number that paints Florida in a negative light is how many uninsured people are living with mental illness. In the FPI’s 2017 “Report of Mental Health America,” it’s reported that there were approximately 594,000 in the state fitting that criteria, making Florida the third worst in the nation.

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I think that a good idea is to fund research, promoting a cure for schizophrenia.

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Oh lucky me… Guess where I live… -___-
I already hate it enough here.
Moving ASAFP.

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I don’t think it’s the general publics responsibility to pay for the mentally ill. Mental illness just like cancer is the responsibility of the federal government and the scientific and medical communities to find better treatments or cures. What difference does it make if a person spends 100$ or 300$ out of their paycheck to find mental health treatment. Is the quality of life that much better in Maine if you are mentally ill than in Florida? At least Florida is warm you can deduct the cost of lodging for the seriously mentally ill. Anyway it’s an endless drain on the system and taxpayers dollars with no end in sight.
As I said I think the burden should fall on the shoulders of the national institute of health. You don’t see people paying out of pocket to support cancer patients do you?

Actually - its the public tax payers that pay for the National Institutes of Health (NIH / NIMH) - so its all tax-payer money ultimately (though federal rather than state).

But the new budget from Trump cuts the NIH budget by about 30% - so you’ll be seeing a lot less progress on science-based cures or treatments in the next 4 years.


Very sad. I live in WA which is also very bad for MI support although not as bad as FL, apparently

i thought most of the money came from donations and grants. thats too bad that trump is cutting funding on research but the pharmaceutical industry seems to have honed in on some new targets already so hopefully now they will continue to work with what they have. I believe that they know a lot more about the illness than we think at the moment but for whatever reason there is a gap between research and practice.

Here are the funding details on the NIH / NIMH:

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In florida everyone acts crazy. That makes it hard for police officers to pick out the mentally ill. The real psychos get lumped in with the deliberately acting out folks. So its a cultural thing.

I didn’t see anything in there regarding tax dollars by state. Only that congress has to approve requests by the NIH to increase funding. I thought it was interesting to see that between 2000 and 2009 congress doubled the NIH budget to 31 billion dollars. I guess health funding has become more and more of a priority. I wonder why now, in light of all the new research and publicity around finding cures for serious illnesses the government would decide to cut spending by 30%. I guess no body knows what Trump is going to do next, maybe that’s the money to build the wall;). Personally the only good thing that I thought came out of the Obama administration was the increased emphasis on scientific research. Stem cells, which were put on hold under the bush administration, and brain mapping two name a couple, we’re both tremendous accomplishments by the Obama adnonistration.
I hope that this isn’t true and they won’t interfere with the progress that we are making.

I believe untreated mental illness is rampant in all jails in all states, so Florida isn’t exceptional. Florida is a transient state: Most of the people who live in Florida were not born in Florida (like myself). The state is a retirement haven, for there is no state tax, and housing prices and property taxes are relatively low.

Most people in Florida are not in favor of paying additional taxes on anything, especially mental health. Also, it’s been proven that any politician who proposes such will not be elected or re-elected. Yes, it’s a penny-wise-and-dollar-foolish approach, but it’s what the vast majority of the citizens want.

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