This makes me sick!

I happened to see a chart that showed the state I live in, Texas, is ranked 50th in the amount of money spent on mental health per capita.

I then found a chart that shows that Texas is ranked #1 in the number of people incarcerated.

I have heard that 1 in 4 prisoners in the US have some sort of mental illness.

What do these stats say about Texas when we spend more on locking people up, than we do helping them? And what does it say about us as human beings? Disgusting.


Texas is also terrible with special education, and prefers locking up those people as well. Sorry, I guess that doesn’t make you feel any better. I have had a few students whose families ran screaming when they found out what kinds of supports there are in Texas. It should all change soon though, now that gun enthusiasts are using us as a scapegoat for violence.

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This is unrelated to Texas but probably happened. In some states they actually released people from psych hospitals and gave them enough money to take a bus out of the state and put them on the bus. Its called Greyhound therapy.

Superbly ■■■■■■. They ship us off like we are objects and disposable garbage that can be shipped to another state cause “they don’t want to deal with it.”


With the exception of Austin, where I live, Texas is pretty much a lost cause in my opinion. And I totally agree with you about scapegoating us in regards to gun violence.