Unrequited love

Is not painful.That’s the thing. You live and you learn. That’s the thing.


Unrequited love is better than nothing. At least you’d have some inspiration and hope.


Very true. Charla… Thanks for bringing that up.

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…And…as long as it’s not erotomania. I fell in love with ideals more than people and that really stopped me forming decent relationships with others. Meds really sorted that out for me.


love is painful sometimes, i am not gonna lie, i just thought about it. unrequited love i mean

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Yeah, I know the feeling and it was mostly my fault. I broke my own heart, really.

i dont know what unrequited means and i m too lazy to google.


i think love is crap.

in my entire life i was in love or i liked 4 girls but never managed to express my love for them and i wasnt doing well in life so that prevented me from doing so.

i generally get attracted if the girl is good looking.

the 4th one was the hottest.

and here i am single.

sometimes life sucks

Unrequited I think means unreturned. Like a crush but more because you actually feel like you love this person. But they don’t love you back.

It hurts when that person hurts you a lot.

But then you don’t make the same mistakes again is how I feel.


ok thx

never happened in my case

was always one-sided

This happened to me at my last job. I became obsessed with one girl I worked with. I have her rides to work and we got along so well. I couldn’t help but start to really like her. So I called her and told her but she just said she wants to be friends. I’m not one to talk about my feelings, so this was a big deal for me to call her. First girl I have liked in a while and probably the last for a while. Diagnosed schizophrenic now. Changes the dating game a bit.

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