What is a highly productive day for you

Slept until 3:40 pm.

took pool water to store to check chemical levels. added chlorine to pool and swep it and adjusted the timer.

socialized with nieghbors on both sides, one I borrowed weedwaker the other saw me in the back yard mowing lawn and said she had somthing for me and gave it to me and I said we had somthing for her grandson.

weedwacked and mowed lawn swept driveway.

walked dog

went to arbys on a food run.

shaved, brushed my teeth and showered.

vacumed house.

played video game.


I am a lazy fellow,laid back if said nicely

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If i don’t burn the lunch

when i read a lot

Got my temporary license from the DMV. Walked to the gas station for a coke twice. Once to Walgreen’s for milk. Drove through Burger King. Made a nice dinner. Straightened my apartment.

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I went to work and did pretty good in my estimation.


I won $300 at blackjack and paid up my credit. I am happier today and I’ve been being blessed through this hard time.

Oh and btw i went to the casino and started out with only $10 so I am very proud of myself, it was also the first time I played a table game of blackjack so I had a streak of winners luck I think it was a friend’s way of cheering me up who is now in Heaven with God. Even if gambling is bad, I didn’t do it recklessly, I put $15 down after I won $45 at the slots, then I Just kept winning until i heard my name on the loud speaker because my friend couldnt find me lol and I took the chips and cashed out while ahead.

So today I went to my bank and paid off my secured card to build credit, and then this evening I broke down so I went to the ER and sought advice and now Im back to taking medication and doing much better.

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That’s really great that you won. But it’s called “beginners luck”, lol.
Oh man, winning money is the best feeling. Good for you. See, life isn’t all bad! I’m sorry you had to go to the ER though.
Blackjack is fun. In casinos the odds are always in favor of the casinos on every game in there but I’ve heard that Blackjack has the best odds for the gambler of any other game. Which casino were you in?

Sounds like a very productive day to me! :smiley:

Any day I can get my schoolwork done is productive for me.

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Brush my teeth, take a shower - all in one day.


These days it’s more about restriction than productivity. The less coffee/beer I drink the better I feel. Not at the time but at the end of the day.

got up , went to 2 different propertys to work, then drove an hour to pickup supplies, then visited parents for dinner, then went home and unpacked supplies, then sat on the couch and chilled today


Cleaned the apartment
Took care of calling St. Vincent De Paul to pick up furniture not using
Wrote in journal
Did laundry
Watched tv
Cooked dinner
Unloaded/loaded dishwasher


Went to the Dr with my husband, took him to the hospital for blood tests, went food shopping and checked on his medication, but it wasn’t ready yet. Cooked dinner, did the dishes, and paid the bills. If only I could sleep…lol

you are very productive for a person with our problems :slight_smile:

its really good when you can keep on top of things isnt it

today i woke at 630 am and i walked 3 miles then hit the coffee shop for a latte, its a lovely morning and on my trails it is so beautiful i see something different everyday, it is never the same, random and i love that about it, anyway i walked along a new path that i had been eyeing up and it took me around in another loop further on from my previous walks and it was just so nice, the walks get a lot more easier as you go on, i started off small and just waited until i got comfortable with it and then walked a bit more,

anyway i am hoping my mum will come over today so i can try and cheer her up, and i have a bank thing at 1pm, i also need to shave and brush my teeth

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Highly productive?

Well I had a manic hit a while ago and it gave me over the top energy and I got so much done… work…school… cleaning the entire house… cleaning my car… cleaning my fish tank… weeding the entire garden… rearranging the kitchen and the living room… But the energy didn’t last and I hit a crash.

Yesterday I felt great that I could get up… get dressed … go to work a half day… come home… take a nap.

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logged onto schizophrenia.com to contribute what therapy tips I can to all our situations, but medication is for life. there is no known cure for hearing voices in the mind(im not talking about normal sounds,conversation) that you hear in silence, and never used to before. it is not evolution.it is not electromagnetics.your brain is biochemical it is immune to electricity we are all surrounded by,however it can be subject to stresses and strains at most points in your life that cause it to act up, and in all our psychologies, it is the study of abnormal psychologies that concern you. you may be neurotic or psychotic, but is a maladaptation to societies stressors and a psychotic break is usually permanent. even in pot smoking,you get psychotic from bad brain chemistry, the problem is it does not reverse anymore, the pot is too strong. the damage done is permanent.very few pot smokers realize this

When I don’t have to move a lot to get more done