Unmanageable hair

My hair is getting to long to manage… my hair tangles very easily and just got done brushing out who knows how many knots (while pulling out hair as I did) I have no clue how long they’ve been there but they were pretty bad. I hate how tangled it gets and I’m not sure if I can manage it at this point, but I want my hair to be as long as I can get it for my wedding in 2022


Lots of conditioner is your friend. :wink:


@anon40540444 I would agree but if I use conditioner my hair looks dirty so I use the spray in leave in conditioner


That’s a pretty long engagement!

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@anon39054230 I have to agree but if we get married or have children before December 2021 I get kicked off Medicaid and won’t have my medicare to catch me and I can’t afford my meds or doctors without medicaid and I’m not allowed on his insurance yet… btw I found out that I can be on Medicaid and live with him so I moved in finally… just we’re stuck until i can either get on his insurance or I get Medicare


Okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t mean to pry. You’re together now and covered which is great news!

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@anon39054230 I don’t mind telling I swear!
I’m very glad i was finally able to move in!
I have the wedding dress already… I’m trying to lose weight to fit in it! I can’t wait… we still don’t have our colors picked out yet but I think we may end up with blueish purple and pink but we aren’t sure yet… and I’m making my own veil


Very exciting!

And you have lots of time to prepare. Hopefully all of this pandemic nonsense will have settled down by 2022.

@anon39054230 @anon40540444 maybe I should start showering daily? Ugh idk why but that so awful…

@anon39054230 I know right! I already have a plan if it’s not over!

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My aunt is a beautician. Any time I stayed at her house she made my sister and I condition our hair with Austrailian 3 minute miracle. She swore by it. You have to leave it in your hair for at least 3 minutes. Maybe try that. I don’t think it’s expensive. My daughter as a kid had really super thick hair. I picked up this hair detangler by Garniet. I think it was 4 bucks. Worked pretty good.


@Loke thanks I might try that… I’m getting tired of pulling hair out…

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The Austrailian 3 minute miracle

I’ve got a joke here which involves @rogueone…but I’m not going to say it! lol!


Are you talking me up @anon39054230. 3 minutes is a marathon isn’t it?


I just wear a ballcap everyday.

I have no discernible hairstyle. I just call it ‘an organized mess’.

And I always have ‘hat head’ for weddings and funerals and other occasions where I’m not supposed to wear a hat.

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You could try a different brush too. I went to a drugstore and found one that specifically said it was gentle on tangles. It works for me well!

Braid your hair.

Braid it at night and it’ll keep it from tangling.

Australian 3 minute miracle is a good conditioner. I also like Paul Mitchell’s tea tree oil conditioner for softness and healthiness. He has a tea tree oil moisturizer that can be used on hair that I use instead of a dry conditioner. The right brush is really key too, as Moonstruck mentioned. I have long hair myself so know the struggle!

Use conditioner on the ends of your hair avoid the scalp. Leave the conditioner in for at least a minute. Then rinse.

My barber told me to use Argon Oil for my hair, not conditioner.

I work with a lot of cement, so it gets very dry