My hair gives me anxiety

Okay so it’s no secret that I’ve been abused in the past and he use to pull my hair most of the time so there was no bruise, that being said my hair is now down to the bottom of my neck in the back and it gives me anxiety and normally I’d just cut it so short it’s almost shaved (lucky if it’s an inch long) but my dear ol mom won’t let me cut it and says I need to get over it and it the past but the anxiety is so real for me and since I live in her house I can’t do anything but suffer… What would y’all do? Any ideas on how to make her understand or are y’all on her side?

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You may live there and have some rules you need to live by but I can’t see how she can control what you do with your hair. I don’t know the whole situation so this is just my thoughts. My kids chose how to have their hair by the time they were in school.

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I would just get a haircut. Landlords don’t get to dictate their tenants physical appearances.

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How can your mom keep you from getting a haircut?

You’re a grown ass woman,

Take a bus and get it chopped off.


Or just buy a pair of clippers

If you cut it will she kick you out? If she’ll just be pissed for awhile I say cut ur hair how you like it and wait for her to get over it.

Sounds like a weird situation though.

@TheStrange @ninjastar @anon54386108 and @FatMama
I would totally love to get my hair cut but I have no money since I’m trying to get disability and can’t work at all at this time… It’ll be about 6 months or longer before I have any money

If it bothers you that much,

Cut it yourself.

I’ve given myself a few trims,

Its not that hard.

Watch some youtube tutorials.

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You could also go on to find a hairdresser who is willing to barter with you.

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@anon54386108 and @ninjastar my grandma might cut my hair… She seems to understand


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