University vs sales job

I am in the second year of a university three year programme. I have just failed a module which means I have to retake the module during a makeup period or take it again in the next academic year.

I am also currently very certain I will be offered a sales job (retail brand promotions) either two day offer or a five day offer. The income would work out to be 18k for the second role, the hours for both are long.

I no longer have confidence I can continue pursuing education. I feel the intellectual barriers created since I developed psychosis is holding me back from reaching the level of analytical mind required to demonstrate ability.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I wanted to specialise with economics and start consulting work in order to fund an import/export company.

Now I am completely incapable of getting this degree though. Much less any more further studies

Part of me says, you have schizophrenia and there is not point trying anymore. It says that you will only relapse at some point , regardless of where the pressure comes from.

I DO NOT want to be held by this diagnosis though. I was a bright young person. I still show fragments of capability in terms of thinking ability and functioning in problem solving.

My social skills lack. But that’s not because of not inability. It is only because I don’t have enough friendships to cultivate good working social skills to use in employment

I don’t know what to do anymore. The crossroad is to give up my plan of financial services and settle for retail sales and marketing. Forgetting I am liable to psychotic breaks. What can I really do?

Universities do not consider schizophrenia as a reason to not pass assignments and exams. They expect you either pass or fail depending on effort and that leaves me to be treated by others as a failure who keeps trying but only fails.

I regularly dose on modafinil and caffeine to function and it works for me, I don’t see myself progressing pay brackets if I take the sales role though and that is depressing me.

I can’t tell you what to do,

but I dropped out, then with two disabled babies, went back,
and got my degree.

you can do it.


I failed like 5 classes in college and had to retake them, mostly due to psychosis reasons. I still ended up getting my degree.

I can’t tell you what to do, either. But failing a class is NOT a sign you can’t do the work. It is probably just a sign you need some extra help next time. Do you have special accommodations?


The fact that you’re in your second year means that you have the intellectual ability to do the course. Just let this setback energize you to work harder. You need to fight and don’t give up quickly!


I think you can do do better than 18k… keep at it with the University man. It will open up more doors. Don’t settle for less


I’ve been in your shoes where I was failing courses in university; however, I did not have an alternative such as a job as a backup plan. I would seriously consider taking the sales job since in my similar situation as yours, I know I cannot further my education because of my schizophrenia, study habits and age to retain information.

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I was in this position in my second year of study on a three year programme

In the end I pushed through and completed it

Well worth the effort

You’re articulate in your post. You’ll do just fine - don’t worry yourself

I failed a module, and if I hadn’t my grade would have been first class at the end for History

It sucks, but just move past this and not let it taint your whole experience

You wouldn’t learn anything if you only passed stuff all the time and had no setbacks

Life is not perfect.


I get extra time, I’m not making any use of it though because I just don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.

I’ve tried to read how to write essays (my weakest skill) and it’s not materialising.

The comments/feedback regularly says superficial understanding or nonsensical writing.

I’ve put effort into these pieces as well, makes it harder to stomach.

You want to be a financial advisor, not an author. It is okay to have weak areas. Odds are, once you leave university you’ll never write an essay again as long as you live.


Is it unrealistic to want to be paid well? There are high functioning schizophrenia patients in high demand roles but the report in which I read this said they weren’t at all necessarily paid highly

Is money even worth anything for happiness and satisfaction. I get being able to do whatever you want to. But you also have to toil away for it.

The environment I live in, just doesn’t help with working or studying. I don’t want be one to blame others for what’s not working. Sometimes there are toxic effects though.


i think you should do what lies in your capabilities… if you can do a job then you should go for it… but you also not worth less if you can’t cause of your sickness and live of disability but i think you should try if you can.

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I’m going to be honest, I’m completely scared right now. Scared of the consequences of failing from my family and then also the effects on my mental state.

I know I am capable, I don’t know how long for though. As though I burn up everyday and I’m getting more and more tired


I’ve decided I’m going to try with the retaking. I have three modules to retake at the moment, that may rise to four or even five.

I have another job offer, again, in sales; It’s a part time two day weekend role though. Instead of the estimated inflow for next year being 30k, I’ll be on 20k. I shouldn’t complain

But like some posters have said. There are better things coming, assuming I can hold my own where it concerns psychosis and general mental well being.


I tried a few sales jobs. I never tried to sell anything that wasn’t a worthy product. A good, top of the line set of encyclopedias can make a valuable contribution to your child’s education, particularly in the hands of a child who is bright and inquisitive … Seriously, there are a few sales outfits out there that are selling crap, but mostly they sell worthy products. The emergency roadside assistance I tried to sell cost a little more than their competitors, but they offered more services. It is a pretty pushy way of doing business, though.

Yeah. I’ve done sales work before. This time it’ll be the oculus VR headset. In the past it has been kitchen appliances and phones.

It’s not an easy job. It pays better than typical retail roles though. I just have to make do.


The only sales job I really succeeded at was selling newspaper subscriptions over the phone. Everyone likes those. They donated a dollar from every sale to a battered women’s shelter. My schizophrenia got in the way of me making good sales at other jobs. But if I could get my hands on either a set of Collier’s encyclopedias or a set of Britannica I would get one for my own personal enjoyment. Right now the problem is that I don’t have a stable place to live. It’s hard to drag a set of encyclopedias around with you.

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You can do it. I got my degree and currently doing my Masters


I’d encourage you to stay in school and take another whack at it. I’ve done sales before, and if you ain’t selling, you ain’t eating. Sales sucks. Some people are natural salesmen, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a schizophrenic who would do well at sales. Stay in school, and if you have to repeat classes, so be it. The upside is every time you take it and get a higher grade, that’s your permanent grade.


My friend and his wife just bought this, and he said it blew his mind. Good luck with the sales!!

As for your education, you don’t have to finish on time. Just watch out for cues that you are coming unglued. I think everyone has to do this, but in particular with a mental illness. I’d hate to see you relapse


Thanks dcragg and previous posters.

I guess yeah. I have to watch out for becoming unstable. Another way for me to look at this is that, if I can manuever the stress or organisation needed, I’ll have developed mental habits/circuits that raise resilience mentally.

If I do fail, then that’s fine. I won’t though because I know I can still solve these problems with the right effort