Unfortunate thing happened in Finland yesterday

One person who had just been released from the closed psychiatric unit to the out-patient care stabbed one house wife to death. This person had been delusional at the time of the act. I have not read much news about this, but I believe that the person had been released too early due to all financial constraints that psychiatric units currently have. My view is that the destiny of this person is one of the mental hospitals as it was the case few years ago when one schizophrenic person had stabbed a teenage girl to death. Of course, these acts do not make any sense, but I believe that in both cases persons had not been in control of themselves. They should spend more money in psychiatric units and not to cut patient places as they have done in many cities.

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That’s awful that this happened.

This I don’t understand, this aspect of full blown psychosis in which someone is totally gone and not in control of themselves. I’ve been fully delusional and hearing voices but never was I not aware or in control of what I was doing. I know that this can happen though. I’ve heard of people returning years later in a psychotic stupor to a place they used to live and scaring the heck out of the current occupants.

I admit I was dangerously psychotic in the past, I’m lucky no one was ever hurt, but I’ve never been unaware or out of control of my actions. I guess there’s a whole other aspect to psychosis that I’ve never known, has never affected me. Had I in fact harmed or killed someone during my psychosis, which could have easily been the case, I would not have had the defense of not having been aware or in control of myself as I was the whole time.