Do you feel in control when in psychosis?

Hi All,

When you’re in psychosis do you feel like you’re in control? Or do you feel like something/someone else is in control?


No, I have no control while psychotic, probably God is controlling me.

No I don’t feel like I’m in control. When my voices or inserted thoughts come, they come. I can’t induce them or stop them from coming. They do as they will.

I can’t prevent delusions or paranoia either.

Supposedly, I’m psychotic right now. I feel completely out of control of my life and circumstances

99% of the time except when posting my fears and paranoia. Other than that im good…

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Never really thought about it that way before. But thinking back many years ago when I was at my most psychotic, I did learn very well to control my symptoms.

My life was hell and I had nothing but I just naturally walked around and worked and went out to eat or to a play etc. and I acted, sounded and looked so normal that very few people could tell I was I’ll.

I could go to a movie and be bats*it crazy and sit there gong crazy in my mind and I guess to all outwards appearances I appeared perfectly normal. I had paranoia, delusions, racing mind, weird perceptions etc. No one could tell.

About the only person I told about my delusions was my dad. But like someone else said, I couldn’t stop or “erase” my symptoms, but I could keep my composure despite them. I couldn’t stop the delusions or the paranoia or the racing mind but I hid them like champ.

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It feels like I can’t control my thoughts.
It comes to me
It feels like someone is drugging me to feel these physchosis

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were your thoughts very disorganized? Like go church find blue cactus ninja ?were they internal and make you mad?0

mine feels like when i come down from meth. Agitated’ jumpy bad thoughts

I feel like the voices (I gave up on their origin and just accept they are there) are in control when I am fully psychotic.

Delusions, weird perceptions. No hallucinations though I could have sworn my boss smiled once. Naw, I must have been wrong, the chances of that were a million to one.

When it gets really bad I have no control. I have even blacked out for some days and have no memory of it.

I get like that too. Its terrible. .y thoughts are so jumbled right now…

Control over thoughts?

I thought I was in full control during psychosis. From an outside perspective I was completely out of control. Thinking rash thoughts, driving erratically, taking the wires from the lights in my house.

No i do not feel in control at all, i feel helpless and terrified

Not really. But it depends on how bad and it hasn’t happened in a while. It’s more like a panic attack and DP/DR and dissociation. I haven’t had it in a while. I always have delusions so there’s that. I’m pretty in control of everything but I’m just mentally handicapped for life pretty much.

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I don’t know. I’m not sure.

umm not even a little bit. full out psychosis is pretty scary.

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