Self harm from delusions?

Do you think if you’ve self-harmed trying to cut microchips out when psychotic and in the recent past do you think when you become ill again the same delusions will occur? The delusions revolve around conspiracies around doctors implanting microchips trying to control you by activating them… The delusions are very refined and detailed and become obsessive. Do you think if you have history of self harm that’s is the more serious side of the SZA/SZ spectrum. Do they monitor you more especially when it comes to court appointed forced medication.

I used to think I had a chip in my back, but they do not have that technology, and if they have it, it’s too expensive to waste it on us

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There are chips but the chip in the dog does not tell you what its blood pressure, brain activity and plase he in, but only an address there’ owners name, and maybe a current location, dont know maybe rich dogs

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His delusion is that the chip is controlling his behavior. HomeAgain chips for pets have nothing to do with that.

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i have cannibalized a piece of my arm when a girl blocked me on Facebook. I was heavily psychotic.

i miss the dopamine, not the positives.

Do you think people who hurt themselves from the delusions are the worst off and if they did it once they are more likely to do it again if they had the same delusions, the the content of the delusion go away or do they remain the same?

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They have a file of me in the cityhall that said i prone to self harm. Its just in the info about me. When they make disisions about me they read my file.

I told them if i dont take pills its life threatening to me cause i once did stop the train. I was psychotic. If someone starts cutting a microchip.out of their body …must call an ambulace right away and off to mental hospidal we go.

I’ve rationalized my way around the “brainchip” delusion. There’s no chip in my head, the thought broadcasting is a result of some neurotransmitter receptors being out of balance.

When I was unwell I tried to build an EMP weapon to “fry the chip”. Bought a ton of capacitors, had a live circuit ready, and was this close to using it on myself. I think I was hospitalized right around then, which ended that experiment.

The chip used on pets only contains a serial number tied to a pet database, it doesn’t monitor where the pet is 24/7 or anything wacky like that.

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I’m just worried about losing control again. In 2016 I stabbed myself deeply 4 times in my armpit and tried to retrieve the microchip and had to be rushed to hospital and stitched up… I really traumatised a member of staff here which I feel bad about, there was blood droplets everywhere which took him ages to clean up not to scare the other residents when they woke up. Non of the other residents wanted me moving back here, it was the assessed living manager that fought for me to come back.

@bobbilly , hopefully you can find good treatment and time to rationalize away your delusions.

for me, the delusion is still there slightly, but I’m on medicine now so my emotions don’t get as extreme. I did that because my emotions were so extreme and i was manic and psychotic. if i got off medicine there is no telling what I would do.

I think they are worse off yes, because you have to be REALLY psychotic to eat a piece of your arm off. that’s how bad my sz is.

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