Understand schizophrenia?

do you understand schizophrenia?

IMO it’s an umbrella cluster of issues of the mind

meeting a psychiatrist label


I agree. I think that psychosis is a common end point from a considerable amount of causes

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I tracked all the ingredients that triggered my psychotic episode in 2000 and from then developing SZA

No one understands it
Including the professionals in the field


I’ve always wondered what does a “fixed” belief mean like as in a false “fixed” belief I’d like someone to tell me

a fascinating condition for sure

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i don’t think about my diagnosis like i used to. it’s me. that’s what i am basically and i am unusually sensitive from my sz and i try hard – to be kind etc.

i find my sz defines me because that’s what i struggle with daily.



It’s a brain disease that, left untreated, will cause severe brain damage.

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Also it is out of control of mind. Requires antipsychotic tablets.

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It’s a medical term for one of the most complex mental disorders where they go through symptoms that can damage their lives. That may be tragic to the people experiencing it or be in limbo as cobb does in Inception.

If people recover or fought against it and found success they are legends and may be remembered forever. For example John Nash. I do not know any other famous people who underwent schizophrenia and found success.

Also for fixed false beliefs, it means person experiencing it may not be able to change their mind for a particular belief they have which may factually be not correct. I have been through that and still have challenges in it.

I feel or think I don’t understand sz only because of my pdoc who said !

Either understand it or never start, else it’s a doomsday for me.

I think there’s mental illness and then there’s sz and associated disorders.

I’ve been seeing a lot of anti psych stuff about how mental health disorders are increasing etc but sz and related remain constant at 1%.

It’s got a huge genetic trigger for me. It’s so obvious or otherwise it would be increasing as life gets screwed. Either way your here for support so that is what is most important.

You can still live a good life even with sz. You really can just keep your expectations in perspective…so do I understand it?

For me it’s living. Sz just is something to overcome much like hemaeroids. :slight_smile:

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