Help me please to understand

when they say sz is a psychosis what do they mean? and by psychotic episode?

i thought i am unwell but not out of reality. maybe earlier on i was more out of reality. what is it all about?

i never hurt anybody…



I hope you feel better.

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I think I heard somewhere that a person is dx’ed sz if they are psychotic for six months or more. The criteria for an involuntary commitment is that a person is a danger to themselves and/or others. I think there is also a stipulation that if a person is so out of contact with reality that they can’t keep themselves reasonably safe that is also considered grounds for a commitment.

Psychosis is being severely disconnected from life, being totally confused and being unable to hold hardly any relationship with others. It is based on lack of logic and lack of understanding. I cannot remember any better than that because I think it is impossible to remember things that don’t make any sense. The experiences are blocked from my logical memory. So I can’t help any more than that.

When I went in front of a judge to try to get a disability check, my psychiatrist came with me.

He had the results of 14 MMPIs I had taken in the ten years he had been my psychiatrist. He said I took the test immediately upon entering a mental hospital and again at release from the hospital. He said I was always psychotic when entering a hospital, and always less psychotic when leaving. Apparently, he had a number figure for “How” psychotic I was at different points in my life.

My understanding is that psychosis is a misperception of reality. So paranoia is psychosis because the reality is that the people walking by you aren’t actually stalking you, for example. Or the voice you hear isn’t something anyone else hears. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your own world and completely detached, just that you’re misinterpreting or missing reality. And sz/sza is a psychotic condition.

thank you for helping me to understand my sz condition. jayster does it bother you when the psychiatrist treats us so scientifically that it is almost as if we are objects in their eyes? dehumanization.


There are certain human beings with healing energy. I think US Medical School weeds out most of those types.

Psychosis has nothing to do with hurting someone in an of itself.Psychosis in a nutshell is hallucinations and delusions. Although in some situations certain people hear voices telling them to do violent things and they listen to the voices and hurt or kill people, or they will have a delusion that causes them to behave in a violent way.

i too am wondering about some of my dr.s


What a load of bollox.

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