Uncontrollable urges to buy things

Does this happen with schiz because I have been diagnosed with sza and I don’t have any other symptom BUT urges ot buy things. I spend like i am rich but I am not.

This is one compulsive behavior that has the most immediate negative consequences. You have my sympathy, because I know how strong a compulsion can be. Maybe you could have someone carry your credit cards. Keep a moderate amount of cash on you, and when you feel the urge to buy, maybe you can buy something nice, but less expensive.

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Not sure if its bipolar like I say because it seems to be my only symptom. It is hard because when someone like my mum tries to intervene I get really irritable and verbally aggressive.

I don’t really have an urge to buy anything. For a few years my money was just going on cigarettes and alcohol. The cigarettes are gone now with the use of an ecig and as for the alcohol I have had to cut down because my depression is getting worse and it causes an episode of paranoia and severe depression the next day. At the moment my biggest expense is taxi fare to visit my mother.

I believe one of the side affect possible from abilify is the urge to buy things or gamble.

gambling is a listed side effect so I thought it was connected but my pdoc said otherwise