Uncomfortable staying in bed watching TV

I just get anxious staying in bed watching mindless shows on TV, but I have nothing to do and for example, it’s late at night now, I feel I gotta get under those covers. But my anxiety goes through the top with that.

I have no interests, no hobbies or tastes, so I can’t do anything useful.

Anyone like that?

Also I get very anxious watching TV. Anyone like that too?

T.V. is a trigger for me. I watch movies on netflix but that’s about it. I get my news from facebook. I’m sorry you are anxious. Aren’t you also trying to stop smoking? that can make for an anxious person. I wish you well.


Yes I left the nicotine patches 2-3 days ago. Adjusting now.

One bad thing is that it’s late at night and I’m not sleepy until 4am because I get up very late. If I try to go earlier to bed I cannot fall asleep and get irritated of being silent in the dark while time passes.

I just don’t want to take the few left over pills that were prescribed in the past to sleep.

Some predicament.

I get anxious at bedtime too. I can’t watch any english speaking television because i feel they can read my thoughts. And it is the main language that i understand. Writing on this forum helps pass my time. Also maybe emailing someone.

nice to meet you @see121. first time I noticed you here.
that must be a horrible feeling… and music?

music is sadly alright for me but not the radio

i hate the radio. the playlists are awful! but I don’t have an mp3 player (i’ve destroyed it in the last crisis) and the cellphone doesn’t play like an ipod. but i’m sick of listening to the same old songs i’ve been hearing all these years. it’s like some mental palsy i have regarding music.