Unable to watch movies

They say it is entertainment, but to me it is difficult to accept that. I threw away all my movies as I thought they are influencing me. I used to believe I was part of the movies and also reenacted some, which looking back frightens me. And the reason why i do not watch anything. My TV is gone for over a decade because of that. But temptation of youtube is still there, but only watch a few select items, not movies or shows.

I cannot watch them anymore, so there is less entertainment. Now I entertain myself and create my own little stories which I write down.


I can’t really watch tv either. I just watch music tv channels and sometimes the news.

I can watch the odd movie on dvd though.

Do you think you’d still feel that way now?


When certain topics are mentioned in the media, like religion or sexual assault, it usually triggers my symptoms. I am very selective as to what I watch. Fortunately, there is little that really interests me, so it is rather easy for me to avoid my triggers. I do tend to waste time watching nonsense and memes on the Internet however.

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I can’t watch anything over 30 mins long since psychosis. Not just because my attention span just isn’t there anymore, but I can’t tolerate any of it. It’s all so heavy handed, and I can’t take anything seriously. Everything is super serious and important. The emotional manipulation in everything I find gross. And when it’s comedy, it’s so cheap it’s repulsive. I just stay away, it’s too rare I find something good anymore.


Yes I do think they influence me. Threw away 6K of movies, so was serious about it.

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I was unable to watch movies/series for a long time but am starting to be able to watch them more now.


Delusions of reference were the main reason i stopped watching them for a while, but now I’m stabilizing and am starting to watch them again


I used to have a really short attention span watching things, but it got better when I started sleeping better(had insomnia) and starting supplementing.

Everything we experience influences us. I guess some things can be overwhelming at times though. I hate watching commercials. Usually I either turn the sound off or go to the menu setting so I can’t see them when they pop up.


Cannot watch them. They influence me too much. Watching TV and movies was my biggest mistake when I was younger. I believe this true to this day, and deeply regret it.

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I don’t watch any tv or movies. In the morning at work the 24 hour news channel is on and they have a segment where all the personalities are on the screen bantering and I feel like I am being tortured. All movies and television and even most books are just social depictions. I am not interested in the social level of anything so most movies make me want to be alone like I’m at a gathering and I’ve had too much of everybody.


People on TV got louder also, youtube when I would watch something from time to time. Lots of fighting on the news even among reporters, and that makes me cringe. Seems there is little calmness. In the past, reporters would just report the news stoically. Now they have become like politicians. Don’t enjoy that, so not watching it on youtube either anymore. I like calmness and calm things due to sz, less impulses or I get overwhelmed.


I cant watch violent tv or movies and news triggers me I get paranoia that the world will go to war and horrific things will happen. i cant watch some sports too they make me see the players attacking each other.


Have had nightmares from movies all my life, especially horror. Was very young and they just ran it on TV back then at kids hours, unknowingly. unhealthy to me.

Wow i just read all your comments
I thought it was just me but obviously not!!!

I sit in with tv and radio off mostly
Its too much sensory overload

I dislike 99% of the programs and i get distracted when i try to watch or listen

And subliminal messages in media can influence

Maybe I will substitute it by going to a real play once in a while, like a theater. Seems a good alternative and more physical.

I can’t get into most movies and tv, especially anything that relates to this day and age. The further from reality it is, the less likely it is to trigger my paranoia since I already know none of it could be true or real and therefore I can’t relate myself to it in any way. Most of the shows I watch fall into the “fantasy/adventure” category for that very reason, like “Game of Thrones” which is probably my favorite show of all time. I also find myself into nostalgic movies and television like “Downton Abbey” or shows set in the 1920’s or earlier. I do have to say I am into the Marvel movies, but perhaps it’s because they do fall into the “fantasy” category.

Movies are all external, as I believe part of a matrix. When I went ‘within myself’, I noticed a more beautiful realm… I love exploring these inner realms lately. It takes me more effort, because I was so used relying on ‘the outside’ to dictate my reality. Maybe it is another skill to develop for me, relying less on the senses but inner knowing and inner beauty. Which I love to explore.

Does anyone feel like you can’t understand what they saying? To me is that maybe i don’t know if I know English. Sometimes. Then my physcosis happens.

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