Ulotaront for various types of anhedonia?

So do we think drugs like Ulotaront will work on people who have taken invega or paliperidone and have full blooded anhedonia? It’s said to be used to treat psychostimualnt and amphetamine addiction as well. I’m just saying there are levels of anhedonia and as you know they can can much worse and deeper. Just don’t know if this would ever treat the original source of anhedonia way before psychosis.
I still wonder if it will treat underlying causes of alcoholism
KARxt is proposed to

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Well idk about curing anhedonia. I just feel the meds cause anhedonia and im hoping meds like karxt and ulotaront wont cause such things.

What meds are you on?

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So…about 10 years ago I was having an anxiety and anhedonia issue in college and it kinda cascaded into a Thought disorder with marijuana/stress etcetera. I was prescribed a small amount of risperidone and noticed it gave me an energy boost for like 10 minutes and I liked that so stupidly asked for paliperidone thinking it would be…longer energy I guess and it all just ended up making my anhedonia about 100 times worse. I haven’t nessesarily recovered from any of it and can’t work. Currently though I’m on a small Amount of Saphris and swear by daily exercising to fix this. But none of it is permanent. This might be why I’m always interested in Ulotaront and KARxt. Do you have any advice for this dark dark type of anhedonia and negative symtoms?

Umm well, i experience lots of problems on antipsychotixs. I just get off of them and i tend to recover after a year or so, but then i get psychosis again and up on meds etc. I dont really have a cure for it, but i feel antipsychotics cause those things.
My advice would be to get off saphris, i nust read its an antipsychotic. It dosnt sound like you have schizophrenia since you didnt mention auditory hallucinations or anything like that. So id suggest to get off that and then after a year you should feel better. Most likely the saphris is causing your problems.

I had anhedonia a decade before I took an AP. After beginning Haldol, my anhedonia was no worse. On meds, I worked long enough to earn a pension.
A concern is whether American state governments or insurance companies will be willing to spend $1600 or so a month to treat anhedonia.