Unabomber dude sz?

I was reading the Unabomber was schizophrenic. What do you guys think about this?

Who is this?


If he was he was on medication because he planned some pretty detailed ■■■■

I read his manifesto which makes a case for ecofascism, but he is not sz. He just thinks that the protection of the environment is worth more than human ‘progress’, rightly or wrongly.

He took the guilty plea in order for his manifesto to be published in order to ensure that he was not deemed mad or plead insanity.

Netflix has a great show about it.


Which one? I saw a couple.

I think any time a white, American terrorist pops up, people clamor around to try and armchair diagnose them with schizophrenia. It is really ridiculous. Gives us all a bad name and perpetuates stigma.


Probably most times there is MI at play.

People usually aren’t that mean spirited. There are exceptions. Like the Vegas shooter. The Orlando night club shooter

People need to get on meds sooner and diagnosed sooner and you’ll cut back on the crazies shooting up buildings

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He was sort of detached from reality but not really in a sz way. He was socially withdrawn but he was able to look after himself well and carry out bombings undetected by the fbi. His writings are well written and dont show disorganized thoughts. It never crossed my mind that he would be sz.


Apparently (from what I could figure out) he was tortured in Harvard as part of a science experiment.

Steve Nash was super smart and he had sz. But the sz brought Nash down.

Lots of people who are very smart seem to just wander off into the woods and live there anyway.

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I think you mean John Nash. Steve Nash played basketball.


Hahahahaha yessss. I don’t even watch sports. I don’t know where that one came from! Thank you @anon40540444

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A terrorist! He wrote a manifesto and laid out home- made bombs in public.

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The national discourse almost always automatically turns to “what mental illness did the shooter have” in order to take the focus off of guns. Nobody wants to admit that sane people can be murderers.


I totally agree.
Anytime some psychopath commits a horrific crime they always blindly blame schizophrenia.

It’s ridiculous.

Both sociopathy/psychopathy and schizorenia can make ppl do violent things. I can get violent off meds with the lightest trigger and explode. On 6mg Risperdal I dont get violent intrusive thoughts and paranoia anymore. I guess meds only work for sz violence and not sociopathy. Some ppl have both, sociopathy and sz, a user here posted about a criminal who had both, the criminal was drinking his victims blood, he was called vampire. Also he put an orange on his head thinking his brain will absorb its vitamins etc

I have seen users here do violent stuff irl, I think that user attacked someone at work with a knife thinking he’s the devil.

There was a guy on the news to who God told to kill his wife and his baby as a sacrifice to God. Thats pure sz. He killed both.

I guess let the justice system do their work, they know better whats the true cause.

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