Ubers make me paranoid

I get paranoid taking an Uber with my father.
I keep thinking that I will be harmed like the driver will kidnap us and I will be killed or tortured.

I don’t dare take one by myself.

Anyone else like this?

Yeah I get paranoid frequently


I dont take ubers for that reason. I feel like I’ll be taken and sold or murdered.

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I used to take a lot of Ubers by myself, when had my first psychosis I had a hallucination about the Uber driver being a serial killer and picture of the driver on my phone did not match the person in the car.


I’ve only taken an Uber once. The driver was a funny little old lady from El Salvador.

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I have a decent licensed taxi service where I live. It’s my lifeline.

I don’t know what I’d do if it went bust.

I couldn’t get into a car with someone just because we have both downloaded an app. I wouldn’t feel safe.

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Never given one a second thought. If I were a hot chick maybe.


I use Lyft a lot because my work pays for it. Luckily haven’t had any issues


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