Should I be an Uber Driver?

It’s basically a job that anyone with a car could do. There are a few things holding me back and making me nervous about applying. I have a terrible sense of direction. I know they often provide or make their drivers get a gps and I would obviously need one, but I also worry about getting nervous about every person to enter the car to the point where I get too distracted to follow the directions.

On the other hand, I can clock off whenever I’m feeling too much exposure after letting out my latest passenger.

There’s the fact that people are a mixed bag, living near a city with a few major schools means I’ll likely be dealing with some rich, ■■■■■■■ students.

IDK, has anyone had experience with uber? Advice for dealing with work in general?

I’d say go for it and make your own hours

I don’t think I have a car that would qualify. My SUV is too old and my Mustang is too small. But I think it would be okay. Give it a try.

I recommend mechanic work for sz. It doesn’t seem to aggravate my symptoms and it’s skilled labor.

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I’ve never known an Uber driver. But I have looked into it and YouTube is filled with people complaining that they don’t make any money at it

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When my husband got laid off he was absolutely desperate for something to do,

Just get out of the house and earn some money.

He did UBER and got mixed results.

At first he tried to go the the airport, but frequently got ticketed as airport security has a vendetta against UBER for some reason,

Plus the fares were taking him super far away to places he didn’t want to go to, like little towns a couple hours away.

Then he decided to just go out on weekends at night, at like bar areas or places where events were being held.

That made a lot of money, but he about died of aggravation.

He got a lot of drunks. Once got a car full full of drunk girls that couldn’t even figure out where they lived, which sounds cute, but it was a two hour ordeal and he said he almost lost his brain.

After watching him, I’ve decided it is possible to make decent money with UBER, it just takes time and practice, like anything else. You have to be aware of events in your area and get real familiar with downtown/bar areas.


We have a taxi service where the driver dresses up as spiderman… he charges a premium… i was thinking about dresseng as deadpool and just trash talking the customers… taking bites out of burritos then offering them some… randomly cutting them off in conversation to answer the voices in my head… and giving them very long unnecessary rambles about whatever im thinking about then charging a couple extra bucks for the trip… citing chimichanga fee…


I’ve used Uber and Lyft many times. The Lyft drivers report more job satisfaction than Uber drivers. They say the company treats them better, even if the pay is slightly less.

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Drunk people will puke in your car.

You will be hit on by men and women.

Pay is marginal.

@Coldcomfort if you feel you can handle it, go for it!

The cab drivers I know like drunks They pay when they get in, and they pay when they get out.

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LOL. You can’t pay me enough to handle vomit or any other bodily fluids. If I wanted to do that I would be a nurse.

EDIT: Graphic violence in video above, sorry for not giving a warning.

Hmm, I’ll see what I have to do, give it a try. Thanks all.

umm I’m a previous medallion driver not a uber driver but I think its very similar. I don’t drive anymore because of my condition as well. I can try…but I wouldn’t want to risk it. Things are prolly different now, but a lot of cab driving businesses are pretty similar…Time is money in that business. the more breaks you take and the more you slack off the more you lose. I use to work 10 hour shifts no breaks at all and would hold my bathroom breaks unless I really had to go. There are probally rules you have to follow…i always followed all rules and protocols, usually people make more money by breaking those rules. I don’t recommend it. There are a lot of last min choices and it really depends on where your working too. I was a medallion driver in NY so you can think about the pace and people I dealt with. its a good learning experience, but it depends on different things. people would try to make you do inlegal turns, make you run red lights, make last min turns…its great experience if you have the mental stability to do it. If you can handle some of that (which is prolly only the beginning) then go for it…

EDIT: o yea and its also possible to LOSE money if you don’t perform well also…

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I’ve had driving jobs before when I was a teenager. I thought it would be a lot of fun. The business hired me to drive all over four or five cities to pick up donations from businesses. My personal experience was that it was very stressful and frustrating.

The problem was that live in the South Bay Area in California. I live in Silicon Valley, cradle of the PC and electronic companies where lots of major technological advances took place .This is where Apple and Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard started and now its home to Google, YouTube and other huge companies.

The traffic was just horrendous. We have a reputation as a very fast-paced stressful place to live and work and we are known for our traffic problems especially on our freeways. So driving around looking for names of businesses and their addresses was difficult. You may be able to handle it, but I hated it. It had it’s good side to it. I don’t want to discourage you I’m just stating my personal experience.

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give it a shot, what do you have to lose? you’ll gain some cash and have interesting conversation along the way. I say go for it!


btw comfort if you DO do it…after the first couple of times let me know how it goes. I have a poor sense of directions now also…but its also more than than for me. I have trouble thinking, and you have to be able to think fast sometimes. Don’t get scared of the first day…and one of the things rookies do is look at the passenger a lot in the rear view mirror. I guess its normal cause your not use to it…i did it also when I first started, but after a few days and many passengers you only look once at your passenger and pay attention to everything else. I don’t want to get into your business but I’m curious how the business is doing where your at/ company. you can give me an idea of your earnings of the first 2 days and how many hours you worked.

I would do it but I have two duis

I don’t know anything about Uber, but I know what it’s like using your own car for work. I delivered newspapers for 19 years. It turned into a runaround of going to work to make money to fix the car so I could go to work to make money to fix the car…Get ready for the expenses—gas, brake pads every six months, a new set of tires every year, and wear and tear on the car. Keep some savings for emergencies.

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