Two women scaring me, lol

Two good looking women replying to me a lot. @Sarad & @waterway I like it. I KNOW they just see as this much older guy but I’m flattered. And a little paranoid, lol.


These young ones don’t know they toy with us.

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Maybe a little spring in your step?

What did I tell you about it? :imp:

I don’t toy with you daze!

I wont comment on this :joy:

she’s lurking… .just wait

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Since when honesty got so demonized?
I’m not playing.
I have my toys at home.

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My dad used to use that word too.

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You people ruined the romance.
Get out. We have something to do here… :smoking:

Wait! Jk, lol.

Nick is the man.

That’s my favourite English word so far.
Along with ■■■■■■■■. :slight_smile:

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I can’t guess what that word is. Yeah, you could make me feel like the man.

I’m out too.


The word is f@ktard. :expressionless:

Ok, lol, that’s a mood killer. Hopefully you don’t mean me.

No, of course not.

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Have a nice night @Sarad. By this time tomorrow I’ll have my new (different) car.

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In a good world 'tard wouldn’t be used. Be careful who you’re talking to sarad.

Cheap thrills by the object of men’s affections though she stomps on them.

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