Paging Sarad

@Sarad, Hey, say something funny or sexy! it’s kind of slow and dull on here tonight.

I find older guys incredibly seducing.

Here’s, sexy and funny at the same time. :slight_smile:


Sarah I am so envy of you,your so sexy,I want to be as sexy as you…

Hey Nick, i see you didn’t watch the soap last night. Let me spoil for you: in the next one we’ll discover that Daze is my mother. And @SoitGoes is her son. :flushed:

Hmmm. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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Bizarro @.@

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…and you’ll be the Absent too busy millionaire father. And @Gtx1990 because he wants to be sexy, will be a next door playboy causing daze’s public embarrassment.

Popcorns, people. :blush:

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Six pack abs and a long,strong dick LOL

Joking,had none of these

Oh and I really love popcorns,I feel like a kid when I eat popcorn,I am 25 this year : )

25 is just perfect

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I never thought I would be a father. I’ll get used to it.

Of course you would be a fake father.

Because nothing is like it seems. :scream:

MADONNA Slapped Me In tha face Long Ago ,

Never Let Go Of That Hand In tha Darkness Ever Since …

That’s often true.

hi there sarad i am between 32 and 28 .what do u think bout me…
i too like married girl …cuz they are really horney… soorry…lol…

How big a boy are yah?

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I think its cool you like the pink. :lollipop:

Sorry i’m booked :blush:

Don’t ruin my page :angry:

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u look damn preety…

2 me brah…

Just wondering if I could kick your ass…

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