Two women scaring me, lol

You’re right…I’m sorry.
I was just kidding anyways. :v:

I mean, if you knew me, you’d see that I never talk ■■■■ about people. Not in their face nor behind their back.
There was a few exceptions here and there. But only if I was very provoked.

Moved to The Lounge.

(Wearing moderator hat)


Oprah has all the money. @Sarad has… all the men. (There are a lot of girls on that bus, and they need entertainment, gawdammit.) :sunglasses:

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Don’t waste your time on Sarad nick. She’s a Playa.
And waterway has a bf :I

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I’m just playing around. And while @Sarad is a flirt, waterway just likes what I write. I guess sarad does too.

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I bet it feels nice to be so condescending.

Yeah like sarad said what the hell does this mean. I’m not on the bus ■■■■ a I’m driving the bus!

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