Two new sza novels

Hi. My name is Greg Bauder and I have had schizoaffective disorder for 37 years. I take Seroquel,
Loxapine, Luvox and Clonazepam for it. I have a BA in English Literature and I have had 11 books
published, mostly about sza. My latest two books are SPILT COFFEE and SELENE’S GUIDING LIGHT. They both deal with sza. Please check them out at where you can read reviews
and possibly order one. SPILT COFFEE I highly recommend as it is an extremely realistic study of a man with sza who falls in love with a beautiful Filipino nurse who looks after him and two other sza men.


Here are some links to the books Greg mentioned:

Good to see you back, man. Been wondering how you’ve been doing. :smile:


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Should mention that Greg has a third novel as well:

You can also read an interview with him about his writing here:

@GregSLBauder was a valued participant in the forums back when we were running the older software and it’s wonderful to have him back. :smile:


Thanks, Pixel. Yes, I’ve had a rough time. My Dad died a year ago , my niece two years ago and my youngest sister four years ago. I was hospitalized for six weeks last April. I’m still isolating, though,and grieving.

When I can afford it I’ll check them out.

Thanks great.

Or for a review you can send them to me for free and as a sz afflicted I’ll spread the word.

Can I send you a PDF file of SPILT COFFEE as I can’t afford to buy them right now?

Sure man thanks,

You doin good?

My email should be accessible through pixel.