Two mustaches

under the white cypress in Hades, there they sit, the two mustaches of Captain Beefheart and Meher Baba. The first is dadaist chaos, the second is blessing. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit crazy but poetic also

I’m hesitant to publish this, Yeat’s mystical brotherhood was called “Golden Dawn” some hundred years before the Greek idiots took up the name, but he wrote some good poetry, an example of which is reviewed here:

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I love Yeats. Also Aleister Crowley was a member, I remember

Lol I have no daughter, bro

Either you’re trolling or you have disorganized thought, my friend

Actually, my dream is to go to Japan, but I’m just to blunt for such a sophisticated culture.

Did I miss something in the news :(? Are your family still together;?;

Sorry if that’s personal, you know what Katholics are like…

Which family? I have no family of my own.
I have my parents and my brother

I have a nephew too, and my cousins and Greek uncles and aunts. I feel worthless, after losing my virginity to an Oriental Orthodox Princess I really am content to just live a worthwhile life of bliss. Paranoia of hell is what I fear, but that only happens when I engage in politics, or the climate changes. Purgatory is bliss, it allows one to go up or down. Cheers.

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