Captain Beefheart's mustache is intertwined with my brain neurons. It gets bigger or smaller, creating chaos and confusion

What should i do? 666/999



You Should First Go To The Nearest Shop And Get A Shaving Kit. (As Quickly As Possible).

Drink Three Goblets Of Green Tea. (Connect Your Hopelessness With Happy Seas).

The Chaos Isn’t Real. You Have Jus Slowed Down In The Shadow Of Time.

The Confusion Is Like A Tattoo Of Lost Memories. You Need Pupils Cleansing.

You Need To Seek Jim Morrison’s Memory Stitched In Time, Within The Band Known As The Doors.

There You Will Find FREEDOM (!!!). . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. You Are Not Captain Beefheart, But!, Without A Clean Pure Shave, You Will Not Defeat.

That is one of the strangest things i have ever heard on the forum. Well done.

I love Captain Beefheart. I know he didn’t like the song “Observatory Crest” himself, but it’s one of my faves.

Good luck with the brain neurons and the mustache.

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Sorry to laugh, but I remember this delusion of yours…

Try to block it out

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Same here, I remember this truly bizarre delusion of yours.

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I didnt have this feeling for a long time. Today it’s a difficult day. Sun is stalking me

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Not to worry, last time I checked the sun was still a giant ball of hydrogen.

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Sometimes I used to stare at the Sun.

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Do you ever listen to Vangelis? He’s a Greek composer/musician.

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He is good, yes

No man, beefhearts mustafa is still affecting you?

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Chaos mayhem carnage onslaught

No captain beefhearts here, but I figured I got synthetic neurons and transhumanism crap going on like mind uploading and consciousness/soul transfer going on.

You say it is Captain Beefheart’s tache but perhaps others have seen a similar phenomenon too. I can’t see it but I think that Marc Bolan is looking at the same thing when he pouts in for instance, the “Get it On (Bang a Gong)” video. The Iranian symbol, the Faravahar is said to depict wings but I think that it might be a moustache, especially because the little guy in it has a moustache and is holding a circle. The ancient Chinese Taotie, and the Japanese Shishi and Koma Dogs have nothing or little in the way of bottom jaw, again emphasising top lip.

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Salvador Dali’s moustache was both his symbol, and figured in his artworks.

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