Two Antipsychotics

I want to at least reduce my Risperdal dose down from 2mg to 1mg because of side effects, but that means I may have to add another Antipsychotic to the mix along side the Risperdal. Im thinking about adding low dose Latuda possibly to the Risperdal. Anyone know if that could mix well? Does anyone else take 2 antipsychotics, and how are you doing?
Just need to straighten things out for myself - the side effects of Risperdal alone is too much, but I do know that it helps me out mentally


There are no known interactions between Risperdal and Latuda. Also, Latuda has recently been approved to treat bipolar disorder. So you might benefit from that.

I take two different AP’s–Latuda and Seroquel. It works very well for me, with minimal side effects.

I hope this helps you!



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Thank you Anthony very much for that information :smiley: I am glad you are doing well on 2 antipsycotics and it is working out for you. I am going to mention possibly adding Latuda to the Risperdal - thanks again!

I’m cocktail is also a double.

40 mg Latuda with 50 mg Seroquel.

Seroquel alone was great for just keeping me calm and keeping the head circus out of commission. But it did nothing for the negative symptoms.

When the Seoquel got cut in almost in half and the Latuda got added… I’m out of hibernation now. That wax build-up has been melted away. These have been the best two and half years of my life.

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Hi J, I am noticing that a lot of people are mixing Latuda with Seroquel. This seems to be popular, I tried Seroquel out in the past, I loved it, but had too get off of it because it messed with my thyroid and blood sugar levels too much

Hey Wave, I take 80mg latuda and 50mg seroquel. I wouldn’t take the seroquel at all, but I just don’t sleep right without it. Latuda is pretty great, but it can be expensive.

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Thanks for the information keyvin :smiley: