Twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair

But Gollum and the evil war crept up and slipped away with her.

No, I’m not drunk, just trippin’ down memory lane.

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I was pretty much suprised that Sir Ian McKellen is gay. :smile: gay wizard
Im not drunk either just putting the reference.

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Yeah, I was surprised too.
Hmmm, are you mean when you’re drunk, or happy? Fun or mean? Or do you not drink?

You said your not drunk so I said im not drunk either. Are you sure you’re not drunk?
Im very conservative when it comes to alcohol abuse. :expressionless:
Pills, on the other side…

You say that an ugly guy took the precious away from you? That is really sad.

Hmmm, I’m reading all kinds of meanings into your answer. No, I haven’t touched alcohol since 1990. Careful of those pills.


Ohhhhh, to be young and bulletproof again.

Yes, I understand the “young and bulletproof aspect”, but taking pills can be bad at any age. Not everybody becomes an addict but everybody has the potential to become one and the risk is always there. No one sets out to be an addict, but it happens. And the reason I say this is because I grew up in an affluent town with a nice middle class background. I smoked plenty of pot but no hard drugs.

After I got sick in 1980, I pretty much abstained from drugs and I spent the early 80’s recovering in more affluent towns until I picked up crack in 1986 and ended up getting addicted. Luckily after four years of fairly heavy use, I got clean in 1990.

But yeah, 77nick77 from the squeaky clean suburbs who went to church every Sunday, who never got in serious trouble with the law, who went to nice schools…Well I ended up addicted to a drug that could have easily killed me or could have landed me in prison.

Mordor is known for it’s fair women.

And it’s apple pie.