Christmas freakout on rum and coke. Oh well


I got drunk this afternoon and ALMOST started smoking cigarettes again and before it was over I drove drunk across town and took out my loan again because I thought I would be able to buy weed again. and after I took out the loan I realized from a text I got that I did it for nothing. Probably won’t be able to buy weed for another week. well I now have $154 in my pocket for Christmas but I retook out my friggin’ loan…sheesh…oh well, at least I’m not broke. I will count my regrets tomorrow. I hate being broke.


Yeah alcohol can have that effect esp liquor. I stay a way from liquor. I used to think that alcohol was inherently evil and the devil finds you more easy to manipulate and get talked into doing stupid things. That’s all bs to me now, but the truth is alcohol does make you more vulnerable.


Alcohol has been my demise many times. I’ve driven wasted more times than I count it’s not a good idea. It’s like a Russian roulette game


yeah, I keep shaking my head and thinking wtf. ? Just when are these shenanigans going to end? God…really. ■■■■.


Dude, that’s bad, real bad. Smoking weed and drinking, those are personal issues and no big deal but drunk driving can have deadly consequences for innocent people. The worst part is that I know that you know better.


o dear jukebox nevermind forgive yourself but don’t forget nest time you feel like having a drink. drinking sucks!


I took all the backroads when I drank but I know I was really flirting with disaster and it still has me thanking my lucky stars I didn’t hit anyone or get pulled over. Me and Angie are still talking about it…instead of getting weed I am ordering a guitar before I get the chance to buy again. I wanted a guitar this Christmas but bought instead. Now I still have a chance at a happy Christmas. Thanks @Malvok I know it’s awful.


Sorry to hear about this for sure. Try again to do what you know is right.


jukebox don’t just start smoking again you’ve achieved a lot maybe put too much ppressure on yourself were only human we mess up just got to learn from out mistakes and do the best we can.


thanks @desimb I feel bad but I guess I got by this time. I can’t believe how just drinking can screw up my life, but I know not to drink anymore. I hadn’t drank in a long time before this. @dandydinmot thanks I know. smoking is very bad and I almost threw it all away.


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Dude drunk driving is not cool. My friend drunk drove and got his license suspended for a year. It puts others at risk. I might be ■■■■■■ up but I don’t harm people.

One of my other friends drunk drove on some other ■■■■ too and wrecked his nice mustang and has to go to court.

We all know better than to drunk drive. And weed?!

Weed?! What the ■■■■ man, you don’t need a hallucinogen when you already hallucinate. Last time I smoked weed, I had a terrible episode, didn’t sleep, and went and tore my lower abdomen and pulled my abductors from squatting too heavy after already doing a full workout. Weed is just psychosis stacked on psychosis for me. If it has the opposite effect on you, move to the weed states.

Dude you need medication. I take medication and do very well, so do the other people who do very well. To do well without medication (by doing well I mean have a full time occupation and succeed at it) is pretty rare. Even if your illness is to the point where you can’t work or go to school or whatever, you still should take medication.

John Nash didn’t take medication and I don’t blame him, the meds back then were nothing like the ones now. However he won a nobel prize and taught at Princeton and had support to just go crazy on chalkboards. Elyn Saks takes medication, Fred Frese takes medication. I take medication and I used to reject it, somehow made a 3.5 that year, it was hell, I was in agony, I don’t recommend studying neuroscience in the honors psychology program at a university as an unmedicated schizophrenic. I did it and I really regret it. It was hell. I made it work but got on medication and off the booze over the summer before my sophomore year and havent made a B on my transcript since then, and am going to write a thesis as an undergrad. Let’s compare that to the people who don’t take medication.

Come on man, this post is like a bad joke. This is just bad. You need to spend your money on a therapist and psychiatrist, not weed. If you believe in god, go to AA tomorrow and tell them about today and see if they approve. You will meet another schizophrenic in the room, I met two. I went to AA for a bit, found out I wasn’t an alcoholic. Now I drink socially and stop at a few drinks, I sure as hell am not on the alcoholic level. My therapist told me to quit AA and that he spent his internship treating alcoholics and that I wasn’t one.

Smoking cigarettes should be the least of your worries, studies report between 80 and 90% of schizophrenics to smoke cigarettes. I smoke cigarettes.


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Sauce + SZ = Bad


Mortimer is right. Drunk driving is not smart. If you make ONE little mistake and hit someone OR something you could go to jail. You would go to jail immediately. My (so-called) friend summed it up while I was in my addiction. You can be going along and be drinking and driving and having fun but when those blue and red lights flash behind you: THAT is REALITY. It’s not a game anymore. No matter what you are doing or what you have planned or where you are in your life, once a cop pulls you over while drunk driving you are pretty much under THEIR control. No offense Jukebox but I can’t tell from your posts anymore whether weed is helping you or hindering you. But you know where I stand on drugs. I can tell my story and recommend that people not do drugs but ultimately it is the individual choice to pick up that pipe. I can just say that I don’t miss drugs or alcohol at all. Obviously I have my own problems and I wrote more than I meant to here. But I just want to say here to be careful.


Have you tried AA?
It worked for my Dad and my two brothers and my son. They all have crazy stories and sharing them is the first step.

It’s a support group thats in person and you get to pick a sponser that will help you at any time.

It’s about a higher power. It’s 12 steps.
I bet you’re sober today. So you already have 24 hours. Then you make it one day at a time.
There is a room full of people waiting for you to be free of addiction with them.


All 12-step programs want is to help each other stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol. They freely share their experiences and freely share what worked for them that helped them to stop. AA is free and it is proven to work. But this is enough out of me.


thanks everyone. I haven’t drove and drank at the same time since probably college. What happened was it was a quarter til five p m and I knew I only had a few minutes before the loan place closed and my connect said she could help me if I got the money. well, it got to me and even though I was so scared I doubt I would have hit anyone. when I say I was drunk, I was only tipsy, not full blown drunk I just knew that if I got pulled over I would be doing time and costing me huge amounts of money. After filling out the loan papers to get the money I needed for weed, my connect texted me and said she couldn’t do it until next tuesday. so I took out the loan for nothing. I think the reason the 12 step program didn’t work for me back when I tried it is because my life wasn’t in the same danger as the other addicts who would die if they used again. I am addicted to weed, no doubt. I just have to fight harder with the tools I learned from the 12 step program.


I’m glad your Ok and no one got hurt. I’m not proud to admit… I used to drink and drive when I was younger and a heavy drinker.

I’m rooting for you to break this addiction. I hope you do get the guitar and re-kick start the music you were once working on.

Good luck.


can’t you just give the money back if you don’t need it?

hope you don’t fall off the wagon completely jukebox :frowning: all that hard work for nothing :thumbsdown: