"1 hit of coke and you're hooked'....well

80% of people who drink alcohol once get hooked. trust me i’m hooked. but it pisses me off when people say that because 1 night of drinking and you’re probably hooked.

and the thing is…i’ve taken 2 lines of cocaine in my life…in one night. and i loved it. but never did it again. that was 3 years ago…

i’d say alcohol is the drug that gets you hooked the quickest…but no one ever talks about that.

i’ve done heroin twice in one night and never got hooked. oxycontin, percocets, vicodin. i just hate opiates.

alcohol on the other hand…im hooked. cuz it’s acceptable. and i like it. alcohol is easy to get hooked on. but they never talk about it.

but seriously who drinks once and never drinks again??? some people do but not many.

1 night of drinking and you’re probably hooked. peace from your non-alien brethren.

I wouldn’t call it being hooked. I would consider it a conscious choice. Once I started drinking I wanted to do it again because I enjoyed it greatly. However, now I may be hooked, but I still don’t give it power over me by saying I am an alcoholic. I think I just have to make the conscious decision to drink less, because I still don’t want to give it up.

Someone I know just started doing coke. Has me a little worried. Drugs are a huge waste of money.

1 out of every 5 times I drink is best time I could possibly have. The other 4 though are total wastes of time. It’s a dice roll for me.

Drank a lot this month. Probably matched what I had drank in the 6 months prior.

Anyways it kind of comes in waves. I have no desire to drink today and I don’t see that changing for a while.

First time drinking alcohol; margaritas and daiquiris in Cancun, very tasty, but so filling I could never have more than one

Second time drinking alcohol: In dorm back at college. Friend has cheap vodka. Burned my throat. Tasted d i s g u s t i n g. Took two shots, felt absolutely nothing. Feel like alcohol is overrated.

Third time drinking alcohol: same as second

Fourth time drinking alcohol: friends told me it’s only fun if you’re drunk. Decide to test their theory and get drunk. Takes a decent amount of alcohol, but finally become drunk. Nothing changed about me aside from the fact that I was very dizzy and my brain felt like jello. I was in a very good mood, but I had been all night even before drinking.

Woke up at 4 or 5 am. INCREDIBLY ill. No headache, just severe nausea and stomach pain. Was stuck in bed half of the day moaning. Developed a strong alcohol aversion, and I decided to confirm that alcohol was indeed overrated.

Now I just don’t drink. Don’t see the point.

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Yeah it’s pretty stupid. You learn what makes you sick though. And what gets you drunk the quickest etc.

Can’t handle liquor any more. Vomit within a minute.

Scotch on ice is alright.

Sometimes I’ll get a six pack and skip feeling buzzed and just be drunk.

If I double up though I’m drunk and buzzed after the 9th beer.

Can’t stand light beers. Or any coors, Budweiser, miller, all that main cheap ■■■■. If any of them rolling rock is the best.

A good wheat beer has enjoyable flavor without to much kick or bite. Won’t give you that thick blooded feeling of other full beers if you have to many.

Don’t go to sleep without hydrating. After a few hours of drinking your body soaks that ■■■■ right up.

Best way to cure a hang over is to prevent it.

White Russians are damn good if you actually get all the right ingredients.

Bloody Mary’s are also pretty good.

I’ve been drinking for years and I still don’t know ■■■■ about alcohol. I’ve found what works for me though.

If I drink liquor it’s typically vodka or gin. Middle shelf stuff. Gin is good with tonic and ice. Surprisingly two terrible things cancel each other out for a pretty neutral taste.

With vodka it’s either orange juice or grape fruit juice. Though in the past I’ve used all sorts of sodas and ■■■■. I don’t drink soda very often any more. That’s the way to get real drunk…

I don’t like blacking out though.

I stick to beer.

Sometimes I get lucky and just feel really ■■■■■■■ great when I’m sober. It’s not as pronounced or inescapable as psychedelics.

The sense of being the self is heightened. Feel very physical and incredibly comfortable. Mentality similar to what you get on psychedelics. Appreciating everything around you like you want just stay there forever…

That’s only a couple nights a month though.

Well I was gonna say nothing has ever gotten me hooked in one sitting… Then I remembered adderal. Still didn’t take it all that often. I was hooked though.

With alcohol there is always a long debate in my mind of do I really want to?

What’s your definition of hooked?

I was drinking water the entire time I had been drinking and drank water before I went to bed. I even ate food. I was just very sick.

To me whatever buzz I got was cheap anyways. Nothing that was really worth the nasty taste and sickness. But I dunno maybe my body just processes it differently, to each their own.

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Yeah see this is what I don’t get. I feel like we’re talking about two different alcohols because my experiences haven’t been anything like that o.O

Anna, you probably would respond much better to wine.

This is interesting. I drink normally. I usually have literally a couple of drinks on the weekend nights, sometimes I have a drink (I seriously mean one) during the week by myself, perhaps after reporting my research in a meeting and not getting shat on.

I had three glasses of wine last night, my girlfriend has like four or five. We finished a bottle. I went to the bar with my old friend, guys night out the other weekend, and I had two big Guinness stouts, it made me a bit buzzed. He drove and had just one.

Before meds, if I had one drink, it was like an avalanche and I would drink everything in sight unless I had to drive. If I had to drive, I had four drinks and obeyed traffic laws. I had such a tolerance that when I was at my height, I was drinking a shot in my coffee every morning just to feel normal. I remember I was clearing out my grandmother’s condo when she moved into a retirement home, and I came across a stash of old shitty booze. This was at my height. At my height, I had a 3.5 and cut class whenever I could, was a lean and mean 165 lbs and was very symptomatic. I instantly opened a bottle of old whiskey and took three big pulls then corked it and kept moving furniture. My dad saw the huge box of old booze and told me that I could have three bottle from it and the rest had to go because it was old as ■■■■.

I took the bottle of whiskey to one of my drinking bros houses, his parents were always gone (still are, we still hangout on winter and summer breaks) and I drank the whole bottle while we were chilling in his pool. My friends were cool, I come from a “work hard, play hard” socioeconomic background, I am well-educated and looking at PhD and Psy D programs these days. Anyways, my friends are mostly from this international school I went to for high school, and we all partied. We still do, but I volunteer as a designated driver and just have one beer and bring my gallon of water with glutamine in it.

On my 20th birthday, in June, I drank twelve Irish car bombs and the rest of the handle of Bailey’s. I then projectile vomited like a water pokemon and was pretty damn intoxicated.

I had to get off of the booze and onto Geodon that summer. My dad noticed my withdrawal was pretty bad, not delerium tremens bad, but feeling sick sort of bad, and he magically produced a shot of vodka for me just to ease the pain. I got clean and on meds and then later my parents let me keep beer around and kept an eye on how much I drank, but said no liquor. I avoid liquor today, I only drink sake and white wine or dark beers.

I then drank a little bit, two drinks a night for a while until I got on xanax. I then quit drinking, then “relapsed” one night at a house party, had like 15 drinks and a hangover like no other the next day. I said no more.

I then had a terrible finals schedule; 4 finals within 24 hours. I made all A’s that semester, one A- but ■■■■ it was still an A. I took three xanax and chugged two ciders because I couldnt sleep at 230am I then thought I might die, so I made myself vomit. I went to sleep and woke up feeling like I had been injected with Thorazine. I made three “schizo strength” coffees and lined them up on the counter and knocked one over out of sedated retardation. My mom didnt even get mad, she just said something nice and cleaned it up for me. I drank the two schizo coffees and then made A’s on the remaining two finals.

I then went to AA. I thought I was an alcoholic. I thought I was relapsing. I discovered that I was not. I actually made a point to drink socially and very little, just one or two beers, and voila, I was cured.

Now I drink practically only socially and moderately. I am about to go have a drink with my girlfriend and her best friend if my friend answers his phone, he said he would be free at 10 but that hes been sleep deprived. I might just go to bed.

I like Hana white peach sake. I also like cheap white wine. Guinness is for when I deserve a treat and preferably am not driving.

I have some beer in the fridge. I dont really feel like going out tonight, I might just watch a movie with the lady friend tomorrow night and catch up on sleep tonight. I have to help a PhD student out overtime tomorrow, tomorrow is Sunday, I have to be at the lab and on my best behavior at 2pm.

I like not giving ■■■■■ and just enjoying alcohol and tobacco with my friends when I am not working. I swear, it’s either I am being productive or on a smoke break writing on these forums or I am asleep or its a weekend night and I am with my girlfriend or one of my friends.

Every summer, my old friends from high school hangout and have pool parties. Every summer they see a bigger and better version of me. Same goes for winter break, but its cold so we go to the local bar. I sometimes think that I have defeated schizophrenia when I am enjoying well deserved nights out with all of my old friends and classmates. They are all rather impressed that I have come so far, they knew me before I became ill, they saw me fall and come back to reality, they saw the whole thing.

Alcohol is just fine for some, it’s not for everyone, just like how weed makes me absolutely psychotic and I simply never even go near it, I know that the same goes for people who react abnormally to alcohol.

I like it, it makes me feel relaxed and makes my muscles relax. I am a tense and focused person who stays mentally occupied from the moment I am awake to the moment I drift to sleep. It does me some good to make me normal in that I am abnormally tense most of the time.

I grew up disliking wine because it was always on my mom’s breath. (Also since I don’t like the aftertaste)

Which makes it sound like she’s some kind of alcoholic but she’s not haha, she just likes to drink a glass before bed and as a kid I though it made her breath stink when she’d read to me.

I like those fruity drinks that are a million calories. I could drink margaritas all day long.

I used to use alcohol to block the voices in my head. The voices grew and got louder… I drank more. I tried to beat them… but they always won… and I’d pass out.

Then be hung over… the voices got louder and I was in more pain for being hung over as well…

Now I use Seroquel and Latuda instead of Irish Whiskey. Things are going better for me.


You definitely deserve to drink… You’ve got control/lack of temptation down as well.

Really a couple drinks has an excellent relaxing effect. Sometimes I keep it at that. Especially when I’ll be driving.

Other times I drink to pass time. That’s when I get drunk.

For me?.. I’ll answer anyways

The feeling like this ■■■■ is great, doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all, whenever I take this ■■■■ is just awesome.

It’s just a feeling. It can be combatted.

With my sz though drugs don’t mix.

Alcohol is fine.

You’ve heard of the happy drunk… the lovey drunk… and angry drunk?

All the men in my family are the angry drunk. I don’t know what it is… but all the guys in my family just get mean and hurtful when we’re drunk… and itching for a fight. Ugly men when we’re drunk.

I’ve been sober for 6 years. I have a feeling if you offered me a drink… I could easily say no thank you…

That’s how I feel about all the other drugs…

Luckily I’m a happy drunk. Not that it’s a go to or even reliable. When really drunk though I can phase out my symptoms for a while. Naturally I just think to much for them to go anywhere.

Not every time though. Sometimes ■■■■ just feels right and normal and I forget the psychosis. Might mean I can get over this ■■■■ in time but idk.

I’m glad though that you’re not tempted. You’re really not missing anything if you’re enjoying your life. But you probably already knew that.

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i am a happy drunk :slight_smile: i don’t drink often but every now and again i’ll have a drink with my parents or my daughter and her friends. i don’t actually “need” alcohol.

i’ve done a few drugs aswel…cocaine as nice but i only did it on weekends and even then not every weekend. i stopped when found out i was pregnant with my daughter. e’s i tried one and was completely unimpressed. speed i loved but the come down the next day was awful…it was pot i got hooked on for about ten years. i only topped to see if it wold make the voices go away. it didn’t. now i can’t touch the stuff. paranoia through the roof and voices get really evil. i think i’m done with drugs. maybe if i was rich i might have the odd snort of cocaine now and again but that’s about it.

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