TW my sister’s husband threatened

Him and her with a gun last night. I’m so worried about my sister. My ex husband used to threaten me all the time and the police did nothing about it so there’s no hope there. It makes me feel sick

I’d still call the police and report the incident. Your sister should break up with this guy.

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They’ve been married for 30 years. His daughter from his first marriage is very ill due to alcoholism and her liver is toast. She can’t get on the transplant list until she’s sober for a certain period of time, but she hasn’t achieved that yet. Her mind is gone and she’s fully delusional from wernicke syndrome. He’s under too much stress and snapped

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what is tw?


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He pulled a gun on her?
I don’t understand

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TW means trigger warning @steffifan

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ok thx


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Yes and on himself. He said he’s going to do it if she doesn’t start showing him more appreciation

@everhopeful is right.
She should report it to the authorities immediately and go somewhere safe.

It seems her life is on the line


I suggested that. Luckily, she sees her therapist today and she said she’s going to figure it all out with her therapist

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Talking to a therapist is not sufficient enough.
She needs to get out of there immediately and possibly to to a woman’s shelter!


My sister went to a hotel. She’s so far not planning on telling the police. I wish she would so he could be held in a psych unit for now. He’s a danger to himself and others. I think it’s from too much stress taking care of his dying daughter every day.

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