My bf threatened to stab me

I’m leaving. I’m not coming home.

Call 911 @roxanna and get yourself safe as fast as you can


Go to a family members house, somewhere safe!

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I’m so sorry. That’s awful! Are you in a safe place?

Sorry that happened… Please take care of yourself and go somewhere safe. Go no contact. Women are often ambivalent when leaving such a relationship, when things settle down and that is normal, but please dont go back.

Are you sure it wasn’t a hallucination?

So where are you now? Do you have somewhere to go?

I can call someone to come out to check I’m ok

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Where are you right now?

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Be careful, and be safe @roxanna

Call 911 :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I’m home. About to get up.

Is he there with you?


Don’t worry I’ll do it myself.

@roxanna do you need to call the police?

My Dad used to threaten he was going to lose his temper and kill one of us kids.

I’m an only child. A discreet only child
Thank God for long farts.

I think you should get the police involved in this. They won’t do much, but at least you’re establishing a pattern that might lead to the incarceration of your bf if he keeps behaving that way.

A voice just told me I’m pretty. Alright…