Trying to stay away from another mental breakdown and psychotic break

So nearing my divorce. Ask the ex to split the house equally so that I can get a share of it once it’s sold. He told me no he wants me to just give it to him for free like I had said before. I said no because I can change my mind and to think about it it’s not fair to me to just give you a house for free. He has called me back to back day in and day out screaming yelling and arguing with me. With my illness stress makes me sick. So I have been coping with talking to my family and I have stopped talking to him by blocking and ignoring his calls his friends calls etc. Trying hard to stand my ground and get what I deserve out of this but sometimes the stress of it all makes me want to give up but i know i will regret it. So i will keep pushing and not talk to him and vent and keep my stress level low as possible because i get sick when I’m stressed out. Any encouraging words would help going through a divorce sucks I will never get married again.

I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out. Don’t let him push you around though. Half the house should be yours.

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Its definitely your time to stand up for yourself. You definitely deserve half. It’s wrong of him to just expect you to go without. He sounds selfish, especially if you are sick that is no way to treat someone.

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I’m sorry he’s being so awful. I would suggest saving all his voicemails and screenshots of the number of calls you’re getting so you can have groundwork for a no contact order. It sounds like you need one.


Sorry you’re going through this. I think you should talk to a lawyer about splitting your assets.


I know what you mean. I just went through a divorce and basically gave him everything, including the car and kept all the debt. I just wanted out and didn’t have the fight in me. I wish I had your strength to put up a fight and get what you deserve. Keep going so you have no regrets later.

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Thank you guys I’ve been praying and using my support network to help with the stress so I dont go into the hospital. He’s finally calmed down hopefully he stays this way.

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