Trying to save an elderly chihuahua

I was noticing a little dog walking slowly with it’s tongue out on our street and brought it in…posted on the bulletin board in town…last time we heard from someone right away…I hope someone shows up…we have large dogs.


I’d also call the animal shelter and let them know.

I’ve returned a lot of dogs to their owner that way.


Posting on Facebook is the way to go these days. I don’t think I’ve read an actual bulletin board since about 2005.


@Charles_Foster yes, unfortunately we will have to go down to the animal shelter to see if they have room…they have been over stocked. and their phone is down.

@ozymandias yes it’s a facebook city bulletin…they are taking their sweet time posting our request for owners to contact us…it should be soon though.

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I mean call them and tell them YOU have the dog so if the person that owns it calls they’ll know who to contact.


I would imagine the hardest part of saving chihuahuas is that they don’t fit through the coin slot of the piggy bank. Or at least I hope they don’t.


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@Charles_Foster their phones are down…no a/c in the car, have to go in the morning. thanks.

update. we have found a home for the chihuahua if the owner doesn’t find us on our bulletin post…going to hang on to him a week and then rehome him if not. we can’t keep him, he’s too small and our big dogs may hurt him. he’s living in our computer room, barks when he wants to go outside…quiet and happy wrapped up in a blanket we put on the floor…he completely builds a nest under the covers…so cute…somebody’s baby…I hope if the owner is elderly that someone gives her or him a nod for the bulletin board or the pound…

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