Trying Reishi mushroom for negatives

I am trying Reishi mushroom right now. I have been taking it for nearly 30 days. The first week I felt more energetic and calmer. But after having taken it for one week those benefits faded. I was the old me again who was easily tired and could not concentrate while reading and writing. But I kept taking it with the hope that it will finally bring me some good benefits to overcome the negatives.


I’ve tried Lion’s mane mushroom and Amyloban3399 before. It made me more alerting or mentally sharp. However I got depression form it after I having taken it for one month. So I gave up.

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You might want to try and cycle the supplements then. Like you take Reishi one week then the next week maybe Chaga which also has nootropic benefits and might be calming.


This is a good idea, but it might not be pratical as I found my body was addicted to Reishi mushroom after having taken it continuously for a week. I experienced the withdrawal effects when stopped taking it accidently because of traveling.

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