Trying out this supplement for cognitive functioning

After a false start I’m finally taking it. 60 pills, so a 2 month supply.

I’ll report back if I become more intelligent or something.


I heard about Alpha GPC increasing brain blood flow and increasing cognition. I read its used for dementia and alzheimer.

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But honestly I dont have serious cognitive symptoms, its my negative symptoms that are serious.


I think I still have Swanson Phosphatidylserine in my house but gotta look where I put it.

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haha. That just struck me as funny.


Never tried it …

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I just found in a closet 2x 90 pills of Swanson 100mg phosphatidylserine. I just took one pill but on the bottle says take one to three daily.

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I took same supplement from same brand. Here is my experience.

It improves long term memory. Can quickly memorize and recall.

Gives a calm feeling but no drowsiness and it can sometimes interfere with night sleep.

Have mild AP like effect.

Phosphatidylserine soy free version there but it have no memory benefit instead create lapses in memory which can last next day too. Soy free version useful for sleep just like chamomile tea. Soy version for cognition while soy free version for sleep benefits.

One downside is it can reduce dopamine a bit as it a acetylcholine enhancer which opposes dopamine so if have some parkinson like symptoms like akathisia then it can mildly get worse.

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For cognitive enhancement like processing speed, working memory, attention etc NAC, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) etc useful.

Funny you say that I feel a bit calmer actually.

yes its due to dopamine lowering. also it reduces cortisol, stress hormone.

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I recommended this before. I took this years back and it helps to bring some emotions. Though not sure about memory benefits. Memory benefits i noticed from this doctors best brand phosphatidylserine only.

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Actually mine says

Suggested Use
Adult Use: Take 1 softgel 3 times daily with food, or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.

I’m only going to take 1 a day as I’m not made of money.

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Well, short term it seems to “bliss” me out for a few hours! Not bad ! I wonder if that feeling will happen again tomorrow…

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I have phosphatidylserine too. Which I will try later. Right now I’m doing L-serine which seems to be helpful with sleep and it doesen’t seem to interact with the meds.

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It’s very debatable as to whether supplements, and brain training games can raise one’s innate intelligence . There are more grounds to say that they can maximise how well that innate intelligence is used.

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Well, i took another capsule today. No feeling of bliss. But I do feel calmer. No cognitive functioning improvement yet though.

Phosphatidylserine have only memory benefits especially memory formation and recall. So useful for studying, memorizing things etc. To test this try to memorize something today and try to recall it tomorrow. Best for students preparing for exams.

If you are looking for cognitive enhancement like faster processing speed, attention, executive function etc then NAC, thiamine etc useful. Reaction times get less thus more active.

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I’m getting a weird feeling from it. Like a mild headache. It reminds me of the time I tried high strength fish oil.

I can’t really see this working out for me, but I’ll keep taking it for another few days and see.

I have been taking 2x 100mg phosphatidylserine and it does nothing. I will keep taking it as no side effects.

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