My fish oil arrived today. Took my first dose. 6 months to go!

I’ll report back and let you know if it improves anything in about 6 months. Or sooner if something dramatic happens.


Best of luck with it @everhopeful!

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Thanks wave ! It’s given me something to hope for anyway.

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It’s effective,I noticed the different,I need discipline to take it daily

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I really predict that you’re going to see good results from it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Phosphatidylserine with omega 3 proven useful for improving memory. Sharp PS Gold brand is a conjugated version of phosphatidylserine dervided from sunflower and dha from omega 3 fish oil.

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Huh. I took the fish oil and I’ve felt stimulated all day long. Like I just had 3 espressos. But the feeling lasted all day long. I wasn’t expecting that.