Trying not to give a f#*k

i dont want to give a fk about anything and i mean anything, talking about all of the ■■■■


Its actually pretty tough. I still struggle with this.

There is this thing called “moralistic nihilism.” Check it out if you truly don’t give a ■■■■.



I don’t see why “moralistic” is added. Not giving a ■■■■ doesn’t make you a criminal.

Nihilism in general brings me a lot of peace.

i just dont give a ■■■■

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You seem to be having a rough day.

not really, just facing reality :confused:

Ah you’ll be alright man.


Nothing matters…

We are all just down here to fart around

I don’t think its natural…or healthy.

Welll you… cry alot… so I’m right :sunglasses:

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what? ytfyfyuyv

r u talking to me or chewing a brick?

This is not a chess.

i dont care, ibjvughv

But that was funny.

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So what’s next then man?

whats the deal o_O?

you talk in riddles, fk off

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well i dont give a fk just now so i guess i’ll just have to live with it :confused:

i think, unless i start giving a fk and then i will be fkd basically

Well dude rejection sucks. Doesn’t mean you can’t go on with your life.