Trying New supplements

So the latest I’m taking is pregnenolone 10mg mainly for sleep. I think it might be helping for that, but only 4 days taking it. Will have too wait a while before I conclude.

I also ordered sarcosine to combat the disease and uridine monophosphate + oleamide to help sleep. Feeling like a guinea pig, but sometimes it pays off and I find something that really helps.


You know my opinion

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Sarcosine is one of the things that is actually suppose to work. However some of things about it safety profile did concern me and I have never used it for this reason. E.g. Sarcosine Up-Regulates Expression of Genes Involved in Cell Cycle Progression of Metastatic Models of Prostate Cancer

I just take collgen which is high in glycine and then TMG since glycine and tmg are more ubiquitously used in the supplement industry I assume they are more extensively researched and have a better safety profile. Although this may not actually be the case. I also use NAC which hit the ndma receptor


I don’t know, I found a older article claiming that it’s the other way around, the cancer cells raise sarcosine. Sarcosine-Risk-Misinterpreted (

But I will be careful with this since there is a potential risk. I will take 1000mg daily, or maybe every other day. Recommended standard dose is 1000-2000mg daily.

My lions mane tablets arrived today. I can’t easily source amyloban where I live but zom mom gave a good review of another brand.

Gonna start on Sunday when I fill my pill box


Yeah, it’s supposed to be good to counter the disease. I have tried standard lions mane, I think it helps.

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I am glad you were able to get some! Really hope they help. I had a very good experience. Need to start taking again


Yeah when I originally read it I interpreted it as cancer can raise levels of sarcosine and that this didn’t necessarily mean that sarcosine was casual of cancer. When I went to google those articles I found what I linked you above. also mentions to the same effect, not sure what articles they are citing.

My personal feeling is that when some mentions cancer it is probably best to stay away unless the risk rewards are very clear. I’m not sure how well sarcosine would work so really any risk of cancer personally scares me. That said I used to be a smoker before also

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