Trying Earplugs

So im testing a new thing. Earplugs, those from pharmacy.
Ive had them on now for 15 minutes. Its quiet but not totally. Feel a calming effect.

Will Update If I sleep better.
If its a hit or miss.


Yeah I’ve been using earplugs for a couple of weeks because my parents like to watch TV and it really bothers me because of the voices. But the earplugs have helped a lot. Use them almost every night. You just have to put then in correctly. Make sure they are all the way in, then it is very silent

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I dont like the murmur/swish that appears when earplugged.

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I think i know what you mean.

I wear ear plugs to bed so I don’t hear anything. And a sleep mask so I don’t see anything and covers over my head just to make sure lol :joy:


I havent tried a sleep mask yet. Im also sensetive to sounds, like my freezer.

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Woke up with The earplugs in The bed, lol.
Gonna try it some more.

It was more miss than hit. Gave me some earpain too.

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