True Reality?


I sometimes wonder if people who are experiencing mystical or schizophrenic episodes are experiencing extra dimensions of a parallel time in reality. Since space and time is infinite, and reality is finite to human conception of this galaxy, then evolution allows one to perceive the possibilities of extra dimensions. The idea came to me during an episode in which time became almost casual, and I felt I had conceptualized what it would be like to be viewing multiple realities at once.

Has anyone ever noticed something that just seemed off?

You would imagine reality to be like an onion, with multiple planes layer upon layer, and when you notice that something drastic changes the flow of one’s path, the other planes create alternate paths to a different chain of reactions. But since everyone is connected, perhaps all these parallel realities unite somewhere and can be guided through human willpower though meditation, compassion, and guided focus.

What unites and separates the different realities? What unites the opposites at the core but unification of the diverse?

I also believe there are two distinct parallel realities: 1=13=8. The possibilities are becoming real.

So the question I ponder is that the common oddities experienced by a person with schizophrenia is the misconception that there are “other people” and that the time changes and their perceptive differences are what scares them. I don’t have these experiences, but I’ve known people who do appear to lapse into this realm and believe it so strongly, or is that pure delusion? I can’t tell from the outside but if reality were driven individually then anyone could experience a “false” reality vs. a “true reality” and it would be up to the person perceiving to decide.

This knowledge that it’s my choice what I choose to believe has helped me feel secure and not mentally unstable. For me to know that i can choose what I believe and what I choose to be real is a blessing, not a curse. It’s ironic that a dopamine agonist is the only thing that seemed to help me too. I feel that my breakdown could have been induced from stress sometimes, although I’m almost certain I do have some sort of brain illness–I think dopamine helps because dopamine is the precursor to higher intelligence, and when u increase dopamine u can communicate and express yourself better, that is why that helps people with schizophrenia, and who can perceive multiple realities.



The problem people have is that they do the same things over and over again. They go to a job, they go to a house, they raise a family… they do these things over prolonged periods of time. And the routine puts the mind to sleep. So one day they’ll be doing the same thing they did before, and there’ll only be a slight change. And they’ll call it “a parallel dimension”.

But its not a parallel dimension. Its a slightly confused brain. Bored and doing the same things over and over again… looking for an excited explanation. Within the confines of our boredoms are subtle hints that things can be different in THIS reality…



I hate to say it but your reply was kind of depressing.



For years I thought about doing the same thing he did. I was a geek… It was my dimension. And I had a right to it… I could make everything fiction with it. Everything…

But then I stopped being a teenager.



I’m not lazy. I’m trying to find a job, but I keep getting the feeling that people hate me because of the love I try and bring to others and surround myself with. I’m not being fantastical, I’m being serious. I think reality has a bunch of probabilities that scientists have yet to explore. For instance, CERN is developing what will eventually be the closest glimpse into how dimensions work.

Each dimension is like a thin slice, imagine a sheet of paper suspended in space. We are o a globe sitting on a sheet of paper, space is the fabric suspending us. The in betweens or gaps of dark matter, they are the portholes through and interwoven in the fabric of this multiverse.



There are no other dimensions. Just like there are no rational numbers. Dimensional theory is a consequence of flawed mathematical logic… a computers misguided interpretation of the real world, by virtue of its incapacity to comprehend irrational numbers. And when mankind tries to apply the theory to the real world, they alter reality.

Is that what discovery’s all about? Changing reality? Do you honestly think that anything you know from this reality will have any bearing there? No. Your mission is to be displaced… in a place that never existed before.



Some deep stuff here, brother.
Are you a christian by chance?