Trouble sleeping

I have this thing going on for some time…
I sleep almost every four hours.
At night I sleep eleven hours, so shouldn’t be tired like that…
I took a walk with neighbour’s dog last night and felt asleep later.
I decreased meds (clozapine) to only 25mg night, bc of bad dreams on larger dose.

I thought asking (again) for abilify, but it causes me mania.

Please only constructive responses, meds aren’t the problem.

I have sleep problems frequently as well. For awhile was only getting 2 to 4 hours of sleep and would wake up due to bad dreams. This has improved some lately. I still often require a nap in afternoon.

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So far, from last night I slept 13,5 hours :neutral_face:
Could eeg help ( electro encephalogram) to see sleep disorder.

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I just don’t know what to do…

Yeah sounds tough @anon25523312
I know you don’t want us bringing up the meds but it could be med related

Talk with your doctor about what’s going on

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Wave, how the meds could be problem when I don’t take them?

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This could be the problem

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When ever I went from clozapine, I wouldn’t sleep at all…
What is this now then?

Just speak with your doctor for sure
They might be able to help you


How? Fifteen 1515

I don’t know exactly how but it’s worth a try

Sorry for bringing this up, but I’m really disfunctional and need good advice I can present to my psychiatrist, bc I can’t go fifteen times to her place…
Did you suffered from excesive sleep?
If not, don’t answer…
I called support line, and brouth problem.
All we agreed is health care system doesn’t exist.

Just trying to help zoa
You don’t have to get cross with me

Wave, this post isn’t about you…
You can always pm me, but I need solution.

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