Trip to the dentist

Went to the dentist this morning to address a broken filling. Dentist diagnosed it as a broken filling caused by teeth grinding! He also said I might have TMJ and to reduce stress. He prescribed some muscle relaxants, and huge doses of ibuprofen. I can’t even chew on the right side of my mouth because my jaw muscle is hurting, and if I clench my teeth, I feel my jaw ring out in pain. Not a good day. Just what I ■■■■■■ needed!

i need to go to the dentist as well :slight_smile: i have been trying to brush my teeth more lately as well but i really need the dentist to scrape off all the plaque and stuff, i’m scared,

i also have this thing where i am like chewing and clenching my mouth and i keep thinking that is related to my chest problems because i am chewing my inner mouth and the body will attack itself and give me problems, its stupid and probably delusional but its all i have to go on just now.

i have had a sore jaw muscles before doing this so i kind of know what you mean only yours sounds a lot worse :frowning:

get well soon anyway x

I have teeth grinding, which is exacerbated by antipsychotics. I wear a nightguard now, but I have ground nearly all the enamel off my teeth. So that means that my teeth are very sensitive. I use Sensodyne toothpaste so it won’t hurt so much.

Me too! Except I have the nightguard, but I haven’t started wearing it yet.

I hope you feel better soon Alien - take care of yourself

sorry you had a hard day and you are in pain.
take care