(Trigger Warning) How old were you when you started using drugs?

I was twelve when I started smoking weed.

These cool guys (teenagers) that worked in a record store I visited a lot were smoking in the mall parking lot.

I was curious, so I tried it.

Started smoking with them every weekend,

Then was smoking almost everyday by 14.

I didn’t drink or experiment with other drugs until I was close to 16.

What about you?

I’m trying to figure out what is normal.

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I started to use at 12 also. Same age I began to drink before school. Happened as I was prodromal. Trauma precipitated it.

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I was 18 but it wasn’t considered normal at my high school. Gotta say it lead to addictive tendencies. Trying to catch up with my peers. Right before I graduated hs at 17 almost 18 I had 2 glasses of sangria. Although I didn’t drink again for a year after that. I was smoking weed a month later right around my 18 bday. And every day immediately. It wasn’t until I was arrested and did community service it made me wanna drink. Then smoke tobacco. I say tobacco was the biggest gateway drug for me. Cuz after tobacco I was willing to do anything. Maybe it’d be different for others. But at the time I thought tobacco was really bad, but alcohol not as much. Cuz it’s so socially acceptable. So once I did tobacco I was willing to try lsd and anything and overdo my drinking.

I know who introduced me to weed, who told me I should drink, and who told me psychedelics are Ok to do. I def remember those three events.

I was a confused teen though. Well before the drugs


Around 5 when they were slipped to me to make me more manageable. Got into booze around age 13 and it was love at first sip. Harder stuff quickly followed.


Dear gods!

What were they giving you at 5?

That’s so dangerous, happy you survived that ■■■■.


I started smoking cigarettes and experimented a bit with alchohol at 13. I smoked my first joint and ate mushrooms when I was 16. From 16-20 was party time.

I’ve since quit all of it a long time ago.

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Fakked if I know. I was forced to wash down pills with what I later learned was beer. Whatever it was sedated heavily.



That’s truly shocking.

You had the worst childhood and managed to be an awesome adult.

Really defied the odds, man.

I’m proud.


I keep finding ways in which I was broken and didn’t realize it. I think healing from this kind of thing takes a lifetime and a half. I try to get it right on the big stuff, like not doing this to my own kid.


16, i was a jock, but hung out with stoner friends my age with older stoner siblings who taught them. if it was found out i was smoking on the weekends i would have been kicked off the team haha. now they randomly drug test all the kids who do extra curricular activities, damn kids can’t get away with anything these days.

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Didn’t have my first alcoholic drink until I was 19. Tried weed at 27 and didn’t care for it. Nothing harder after that.

Have struggled with alcohol use but am taking a med to cut down on cravings.

I hung around choir boys from my teens then those people became my roommates up until !y late 20s.

I was dxed with sza at 23. Tried to keep working for as long as possible though.

Now the only thing that has a hold on me is nicotine usage.


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I tried weed when I was 15 years old. I tried it 3 times but never got high, thankfully. I would have been hooked I bet, if a got high.(because I was suffering and needed to feel better)

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I smoked weed when I was 11, but not a lot. I started doing a lot of drugs when I was 15 and also drinking every weekend. I was fully addicted to meth by 19 I would say. The first time I quit partying and got off the meth was May 3rd 1995. I was 27. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times since then, but spent the majority of the last 27 years clean and sober.


Funny that the Californians start smoking weed so early.

I started at 14 (high school) and that was pretty early for my geographic area.

I started drinking beer when I was 12, but I didn’t smoke weed until I was 18.


i wish if i hv courage like you to try smooking , drugs like you indeed
i didnt try anything at all


Did a stint of drinking in sixth grade then stopped. Started drinking again when I was 13 and shortly afterwards my friends got me into smoking pot when I was 14. By that time we were drinking regularly. Started taking LSD when I was 16. Tried crack when I was about 26 and got addicted almost from the start and smoked it four years. Haven’t touched any drugs or booze since January of 1990.


Good God… I’m so sorry.

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I totally agree.


I starte drinking wine in high school (like the French I guess lol) and then tried pot at age 21 or 22. That’s really it. Drank a lot and enjoyed the social aspect and gatherings. That’s about it.

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