Tried supplements

Might only stick with natural foods and low doses of b6 for my so called undermethylation. The dose I bought is 5000% daily value and I did not like the feels of it. Im cutting the pill into 1/8 size. Im taking 100% daily value of magnesium supplement. Might cut supplements altogether except for maybe vitamin c which im going to get soon and it also has the least consequences if you take alot of it.

Also I am restarting my fast from sugar again because I relapsed on alot of bigred and coke the other day.

Istopped consuming sugar too. Just about 2 servings of fruits in the morning. Im taking vitamin C and i will start sarcosine again. I guess i feel a difference in alcohol consumption the most. I would like to know more what happens with you with your diet.

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I will keep everyone posted on it. I cant wait to keep gaining more cognitive clarity again. I felt like I reset my sugar free gains the day after I soda binged.

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Hows the vitamin c working for you?

I like it im taking CAL C VITA in water. I feel energy boost

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Sometimes sugar can bring me out of a depression. Maybe I need to quit it though, because the doctor thinks I could be getting diabetes. I also crave alcohol. I might need to quit that too. I got drunk Wednesday night, and I was hung over all Thursday on Thanksgiving. Since I started taking med’s alcohol doesn’t make me as euphoric as it used to. All it does is make it so that it is hard to type on my computer.


ok I am trying Metamucil to help me feel full during meals and it actually is working in giving me a sense of feeling full I haven’t been snacking much at all since taking Metamucil all you doubters out there I told you so who didn’t think Metamucil would do a damn thing for helping curb my cravings its working so take that in your face.

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