Restarted my supplements - think they maybe do help


Took them for 8 weeks then stopped for three. The three weeks pretty much sucked so decided I had nothing to lose from taking them again.

Reckon I have felt a benefit.


I am glad that you were able to see that they are helping. What do you take?


Which supplements?


I now take NAC every second day, as the next day after taking it does wonders for my mood. If I take it everyday I don’t seem to get the good feeling from it.


Multivitamin and multimineral
660mg EPA and 440Mg DHA twice a day
3000IU vit D
Vit B complex
2g sarcosine


I took vit d 1000ui fr a couple of weeks and it screwed up my sleeping habits. Gave it up and slept better. 3000ui is loads.


Yeah it can inhibit melatonin production apparently.


Lack of sleep is said to cause dementia. Drifting off to sleep can be a real joy. I am surprised melatonin isn’t a more widely used recreational drug.


Is there a huge difference between Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3?


from what I understand vitamin d2 requires sunlight to work and vitamin d3 works on its own. When I had a deficiency they were prescribing tons of vitamin d2 through the pharmacy and test after test I was coming back with no improvement. When I finally got told the difference and bought the d3 my deficiency went away within a few months of treatment. I was taking 50000 ius of the vit d2 once a week for over a year and was still deficient. I took 5000 ius of the vit d3 daily for a couple of months and my levels finally went up. So there is a big difference.