Treatment for negative symptoms

I’m on clozapine which is helping the positive symptoms but the negatives are getting worse and I don’t know what my options are?


Lots of water and veggies. Not much else you can do.

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Possibly sodium benzoate.

“RESULTS: Both doses of sodium benzoate produced better improvement than placebo in the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms. The 2 g/day sodium benzoate also produced better improvement than placebo in PANSS-total score, PANSS-positive score, and Quality of Life Scale. Sodium benzoate was well tolerated without evident side effects. The changes of catalase, an antioxidant, were different among the three groups and correlated with the improvement of PANSS-total score and PANSS-positive score in the sodium benzoate group.”

This study is specifically with clozapine.

Maybe NAC as well. This study is with clozapine or amisupride + NAC.
“Results: NAC augmentation showed a significantly greater improvement in negative symptoms on total SANS and CGI scores at 24 weeks.
Conclusions: NAC may be effective as an adjunct for the treatment of negative symptoms in schizophrenia.”

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Perhaps Cariprazine?

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I would highly recommend sarcosine, it nearly miraculously cured me of my negatives! I buy a product called ProFrontal, it is a combination of sarcosine and N-Acetyl-Cystine. It worked like a charm with no side effects. You can order it online at .

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I think that sarcosine is supposed to not offer much benefit with clozapine. Not dangerous, just not much benefit with that particular med.

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That’s too bad.121212121212

Thank you everyone maybe I’ll just always have to be like this, which is a horrible thought.


Yes, sarcosine and clozapine cancel eachother out but sarcosine and the other APs do not. Mixing sarcosine and clozapine won’t hurt you, they just won’t work, I have tried this.

I thought clozapine helped with negative symptoms too but to my surprise two pharmacists and my pdoc said “it’s unlikely they’ll help negative symptoms”.

Abilify is often found to be stimulating in higher doses by the way. Im better on abilify than off in regards to negative symptoms.

Have you tried the NAC and sodium benzoate already?

What are your negatives specifically? Passivity?
Is it possible that the cause of your passivity is lack of energy?

I find that making lifestyle modifications, like exercising intensely for hours every day,

eating a superbly healthy diet, living in an area with clean air, possibly living in an area of high elevation

like Mexico City or at least some elevation, taking cold showers, using the hot tub etc etc may help
to a significant degree with energy.

I have severe schizophrenia and don’t take antipsychotic medications.