Treatment for anxiety attacks?

How can i settle down my anxiety attacks? Been taken off from my previous medication, Trying to take my mind away from my anxiety. In the morning i’m fine but towards late afternoon to evening i have anxiety. Going out with some friends next week around 3pm hope i’ll be fine then. If not have to upfront with her and say i can not go out with her and suffering from severe anxiety. Even at home i can get anxiety attacks. Want to take a nap thinking sleep can help. But i can’t sleep for some strange reason. I’m panicky and nervous.

Sounds like it was done too quicky without allowing for downward de-titration to manage the withdrawal effects. (I had this stuff something gawd awful from '94 to '03, 'cause several incompetent prescribers kept putting me on and then taking me off benzos pretty much cold turkey.)

I’d contact my prescriber ASAP, tell 'em what’s going on, and see if they will put you back on a lower dose with a withdrawal schedule or switch to a low to moderate dose of a non-benzodiazepine anti-P with sedative properties like Seroquel quetiapine (which often works really well).

Are you taking either an anti-P, and anti-D or a benzo at this time? And was the anxiolytic your were taking an anti-P or a benzo?

so I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since I was in the 8th grade, during those years I have also developed social anxiety and even talking to people triggers panic attacks! Some days are better than other and some days are worse. Recently I have found something that helps me to cope with the anxiety and control my panic attacks to a certain extent. Although it does not cure my attacks It has really helped me improve.
When you have a chance I would recommend you take a look at anxiousreview . com
It is a good read, I hope I helped somebody else out there! :slight_smile:

When I’m out and an anxiety attack hits… I have to step outside. I used to smoke… so I could go do that… now I just have to walk a bit… but it’s not as helpful… but it will help me catch my breath and start to calm down.

At home… I usually have to turn everything off… no noise… sit somewhere dimly lit with no stimulation… Sometimes a bath.

Sometimes a run outside will help me burn off that twitchy cold sweat feeling that hits.

I live with my sis… and she’ll help by calmly sitting with me and just talking to me.

Thank you for that… I didn’t know about this.

You want to look into deep breathing and relaxation
Look it up
Start by doing three minutes deep breathing
Find out about any mindfulness classes in your area

U might want to talk to a doctor about antidepressant which might help

Cbt and positive affirmations help too