What brings u out of an anxiety/panic attack?

What medication/ practices bring u out of an anxiety attack, would like to find one that works. I usually fall asleep. How bout if that did not work?desperate

You just numb out to it eventually. You don’t have to acknowledge being verbally harassed or thought broadcasting. Talking about it later gives it greater power in my opinion. I get quite a lot of harassment in some places. It can even keep you from working. Would recommend you work on self study toward some kind of work from home thing…Craigslist has tons of jobs, some theft if they want your social security # right away before interview. Colleges are doing a lot of discrimination toward mentally ill now. You could end up paying back pell grant or student loan if you drop due to mistreatment. You can get pDR note and take to disability supports at the college if you are harassed or mistreated…Online classes best option in my opinion, taking 1-2 classes and pay cash to make sure place will work for you. Chose certificate/AA so you can work from home…Could try to work for someone you know who has a business…

@Stillperkin What are you talking about? I’m confused.

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Anyway, my attacks are so bad it takes hours to get over. Medication nor breathing exercises work for me. I’m curious about answers to this question too.

I usually have to talk with someone to help me see things more plain, a lot of times my panic attacks are because I’m over thinking something or while they may be based on something that happened it is something I may be misunderstanding. I usually talk with my mom because she’s more calming than my dad can be, or my best-friend if I’m with her, she’s talked me out of a couple panic attacks.

I also find do something to take my mind of whatever is rushing through it. Like I find something simple and repetive to do…right now I deleted the bookshelves on my Good-read’s page and have been reorganizing them and I find that relaxing. Or I’ll go play a game like SimCity where I do the same thing in the game over and over. and it takes my mind off of what ever I was thinking

Usually when I have a panic attack a combination of prayer and positive self-talk help to get me out of it.

There are a few things that help… I’ll sit in my closet with no light or sound and the lack of stimuli will some times help…

I also have the calming meditation stuff on my Ipod that makes me focus on slow breathing.

If it keeps going after that… I need someone to help talk me down.

Or I’ll get outside and run… I live near a beach so being able to see that no one is around helps me and I burn off the energy…

Sometimes I take a Xanax